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How I’m Feeling: Little man is growing and kicking up a storm. It was cool to see him kick on his ultrasound and then feel it at the same time.  No pain in the ankle anymore, which is great!  So I’m picking my running back up as I’m able.  But I’m also trying to listen to my body and taking rest when I need it. I have a few books I’m trying to finish/start before he comes so I’m enjoying the rest and relaxation.  Will plan on reading on my phone once he comes. 

What I’m Eating: I made this awesome recipe of Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash this week!  It turned out super yummy!  Here’s the recipe LINK and pics of the final product. I added a little ranch and more hot sauce and it was great!



Workouts: My foot felt much better this week.  As in, no pain, so I decided to add back in some slower paced running to see how I could handle it.

Monday- 45 min cardio bootcamp

5 Rounds
10 box step ups (15# DB per hand)
6 back squats (95#)
6 push press (35#)
6 Bent over rows (35#)
30 seconds plank
Time: 13.09

Tuesday- 3 miles- 5 min jog, 2 min walk intervals

**This was tough for me but I was able to increase the 5 min intervals to 6 and 7 minutes the last two miles.

Wednesday- 45 min cardio bootcamp – circuits

4 rounds
400 m
10 Ground to OH- 35#
15 push press- 12# per hand
20 walking lunges- 12# per hand
Time: 21.33

Thursday-Run 3 miles at the park.  I was able to run this in around 32 minutes and I was so pumped for that!  The park has some gradual hills and inclines but I kept it slow and steady and


**I haven’t been sleeping very well lately so I used this day to sleep in a little bit more and take Liam to the Police Appreciation Day at the local park!  It was a great day put on by a fellow mom who wanted to reinforce a positive relationship with our local policemen.  Liam saw several police service dogs, sat in the cars, and got some badges to wear.  This was perfect for him since he can sometimes be scared of the sirens.  He loved it!

IMG_7201 IMG_7186
Saturday- Run- 4.25 miles

**It was hot but hardly humid and I was able to run 2.15 miles unbroken for this one!  At our local park, 1 lap is 2.15 so I walked once I got back then did 1 more lap of jogging.  I averaged under 10 minute miles and I was super excited about this!

We also went to Ikea and got goodies for Liam’s room.  I’m still without a dresser so if you know anyone that has a white dresser, I’m in need!


What Else Is New: Liam and I are soaking in the last day’s of summer and trying to try new things.  We did his first movie and he did great!


We also hit up a Grizzlie’s Game and he enjoyed taking his glove!


Doctor’s Appointments: I went to the doctor on Tuesday and had my 1 hour glucose test, a 3rd ultrasound, and a regular check-up.

Glucose Test – No news is good news and I haven’t heard anything so I think I passed!

Ultrasound – The baby has a white spot on his heart, which is called an echo-genius foli (basically calcium deposits).  This can be a “soft” marker for Down’s Syndrome but my genetic testing came back low risk (1 in 10,000) so we weren’t that worried but still had another ultrasound to see if the spot has cleared up. It’s still there but we were assured it’s just a spot and will not develop into anything.  Sort of scary for us for a while but we’re trusting that he is okay and healthy.  He’s currently in the 47% for growth so a little small but I’m measuring right on track.  So, mom is big but he is not! Ha!

Weight: 166.6

Blood Pressure: 116/70


Looking forward to a great week!  August is here!  Crazy!  For my monthly challenge, I’m doing a Makeover Your Morning Challenge.  Head over to My Fit Finish on Facebook to see what it’s all about (it’s 100% FREE) and fun to participate in!


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