How I’m Feeling:

Good overall.  Lots of movement this week especially when I’m lying down and I’m starting to feel the weight in my pelvis grow.  Hoping to keep running but will have to wait and listen to my body.  I’m going for 3-4 mile runs, 3x a week right now at around a 10:30 pace, including some walking.  So far so good but don’t want to get injured so will keep it steady.

What I’m Eating: I went to a women’s health and wellness conference this past weekend and got re inspired to actually meal prep so hopefully you’ll be seeing some of those amazing recipes we saw!  I have a list of the ones I want to make before baby boy gets here and spent some time Sunday prepping chopped up sweet potatoes and breakfast burritos.  Will definitely post about this recipe soon because it’s super easy, inexpensive, and versatile!



Monday: 45 min Kettlebell bootcamp workout

Gym Workout:

4 rounds –

20 jacks, 15 squats, 10 incline push-ups, 10 dips, 20 jacks, 15 plie squats, 10 mt. climbers

Tuesday: 21 Day Fix Extreme Workout – 30 minutes!

**This workout was super hard!  Lots of inchworms and burpees!

Wednesday: 45 min Kettlebell bootcamp workout

Gym Workout:

800 m run warm-up

5 Rounds:

15 Goblet Squats (25#)

12 Bent Over Row (40#)

9 Step-ups to Burpees

6 Thrusters (40#)

3 Push-ups

Time: 15.11

**Such a sweaty workout!  Had a 25# barbell for modifying when I got tired.

Thursday: Ran 2 miles to park, led a 30 min total body workout for some local moms, then ran 1.5 miles home.  It was 100 degrees this day.  I forgot my water and had to walk a good portion of the second run home.  I’m starting to feel the lower pelvic pressure while running so I may only have a few weeks left or will just be doing 400-800 m intervals.

Friday: I really just wanted a lifting day from all the running in the heat yesterday!

400 m warm-up

4 Rounds – 12,10,8,6 reps each round – all with 10# weights



Alternating reverse lunges

Walking plank

Back extensions

Lateral raise

OH Press

Hip bridge lifts

BONUS WORKOUT: I went to a Women’s Health and Fitness Retreat this weekend and we did some workouts while there. Friday night we did:

21 Fix Cardio Workout – this was super challenging for ladies there.  I was able to keep up but 1 min per any exercise is ridiculous!  I would have loved to lead them in a group exercise since the age range and abilities was very wide, so hopefully one day!


Erin, Jenna and me before our first workout at the conference!

Saturday: On Saturday, we started the conference with a walk or jog outside.  I opted to jog and got in 2 miles.  Sweaty!  But the humidity was out so I actually got to breathe!  Then we did a PiYo workout later on which isn’t really my thing because I didn’t sweat but it was good.

Sunday: Rest.  Liam and I went on a 1-2 mile walk in the jogging stroller and then played baseball outside.

What Else Is New: Liam’s room is slowly coming together.  I got the bookshelf put together and put where I wanted it.  I have most of my stuff cleared out and repainted some parts on the wall that needed touch ups.  Next is the bed, which I attempted but couldn’t figure out the first step so I’ll leave that for Nathan.  Can’t wait to share pictures with you!

What’s New With Liam: He also had swimming lessons start this week and while he is adorable and claims excited, he clams up when we get there. I had to bribe him with a cookie (no joke) to get him to do 1 skill.  He’s definitely a timid kid.  It’s so funny because I get so easily frustrated (hello, we still aren’t pooping in the potty) and he thinks he’s all-star.  I’m going to post a video soon about raising timid kids and give some tips/pointers.  If you have a timid kid, send the tips my way!


Bought Anything: I found some great stuff at our church rummage sale for Liam and baby last week.  A new baseball glove for Liam, a “Little Brother” onesie for 2.0 and a Vera backpack for me!  Will post pics soon…it’s all still in my trunk =)

Doctor’s Appointments: Next one is this Thursday and we will check out the newer hospital to see if we want to birth there.  The word is it’s super fancy and the birthing wing is top notch.  Excited to see the improvements!