For those of you thinking of starting a business this year, specifically partnering with a company…First of all, congrats! 🎉 Some of my greatest lessons and personal victories have been as a result of saying “Yes” to an opportunity and working hard towards what would help my family and my self confidence.

There are 3 things (among many others) that I would ask myself before saying, “Yes.”

1.Do you believe in the company mission?

It’s easy to get excited over a product or business incentives, but if you’re not excited and passionate about where they’re going, you’re going to struggle to talk about it, promote and sell it. I’m beyond thankful to have two businesses that fuel my fire, I can talk about with ease, and have a mission that aligns with my beliefs and values. If you’re not sure what their mission is, do some research and choose wisely

2. Are you excited about it?! 

This seems like a no-brainer but I know so many friends who joined a company because their friends were doing it, all to be unenthused. And those are the same friends whose businesses are still stuck at $0.  Because they didn’t really care about A) the mission or B) the products! I, too, passed up a chance to join many of my online friends in a “wise business investment” at the time, but I had 0 passion for it. And that’s ok! Not every “opportunity” is the right fit. Wait for the right product..something you use and love; the one that solves a problem; the one you can’t wait to share with others.

3. Are you willing to talk about it?

I love so many products…like my Tinkle hair face shaver. Haha! But I’m sooo not willing to talk about it, let alone, sell it! Are you willing to tell your friends about the company or product you’re selling? This goes back to being excited about it…if you’re excited and know you don’t mind sharing it, you’ll naturally share it! 

These are the top 3 questions I would consider if joining a company. Of course, there are many more to think about but start here and if you answer ‘Yes’ to the top, then go for it! 

And if you’re interested in a Beautycounter partnership or why I’m so excited to share about it, email me at