I still don’t feel like I should be doing what I’m doing right now. Working from home was never on my radar. Like, ever. But God had bigger plans and desires for me. Working from home gives me flexibility to take family trips, run errands daily, take care of my home and never miss a valuable, priceless moment.

If you’re feeling this tug too, but struggle to know what to even do first or next, here’s three things I can offer you that you can do TODAY:

🔸Do the next right thing –  A lot of times, we have no clue where to even start or even what type of work or business we want to do from home. That’s ok! What you can do is the next right thing. You may not be able to quit your job today, but you can be intentional with every moment you have with your family and children. Maybe that’s putting down your phone, or playing a game you don’t love but you know matters to the other person. It could be picking your Bible when you feel anxiety with all the “how will I make this work?” questions. ⁣You don’t have to have it all figured out today. There is no timeline on this dream right now. Do the next right thing that makes sense in your pursuit.

🔸Live like no one else- You want to quit but don’t know how to make the finances work? Start saving now. Have a budget. Keep it. Get your debt down. Choose to stay in. Hustle when it makes sense but don’t sacrifice your family for it.⁣ We need to know the numbers and start living a certain way to make a big shift possible. If you aren’t trying to leave a job, but want to start something from home, this could look like spending your time researching over Netflix binging. There is certainly time for TV in life because I certainly love a good show, but there are seasons when we are better served by reading, listening, studying, and more. Choose the better option for your time and your dreams in these situations

🔸Get laser focused on your why- Why do you want to have a side business? What impact is that making? What’s your deep rooted passion? You have to go deep here because when stuff gets hard and you want to quit this new adventure, your ‘why’ will keep you going. It’s not enough to want to make an income from home. We all want that. There’s something burning inside you that doesn’t feel forced or fake. Tap into that. ⁣A good place to start is looking back and what you’ve loved doing in the past or where you were most successful. Was it volunteer work? Did you thrive as a VBS teacher? Maybe you could enter Children’s Ministry? Did you love doodling and getting lost in art? Could you start an Etsy or online shop? Look into your past to see where your future could go!

Remember, there is no singular way to success. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Work hard. Pray. I am proof that your future is not determined by all that you think you know or can do but by a faithful God who wants more for you and your family! 

If you want to know more about how I work from home and the multiple businesses I run with two littles at home, go here.