Image-1How I’m Feeling: Definitely getting harder to sleep at night and I have to move around constantly b/c he’s moving so much that I can’t just fall asleep!   My belly button is at its full stretched amount but isn’t an out-ie yet=)

It’s much harder to tie my shoes, sit on the floor or bend over.  We had a 2 hour flight this week and it was hard having to sit still that long.  I know I could have walked around the cabin, but I’m a little terrified of flying so I just stayed put.  We had an extremely, busy travel week plus a wedding plus 4 flights plus a doctor’s appointment.  All good stuff, just long and busy!

I also got to meet a fitness friend of mine on our trip.  She lives in the same town as my in-laws which is totally random if you knew where they lived!  But it was great to connect and finally meet.  And we totally picked up like we’d known each other for years!  Love when that happens!  She’s due with a baby boy in December =)


What I’m Eating: I was a little off this week because we were traveling but we went grocery shopping and didn’t have to eat out for every meal which was nice.  We stocked our hotel fridge with almond milk, spinach, tortillas, and chicken for wraps.  We packed Shakeology packets for breakfast and some fruit and veggie squeezable packets for Liam which was nice.  Even after eating out at least 1 meal a day, I am forever thankful that we mostly eat in when we’re home.  I can’t handle not being in control of what I eat to some extent.


Monday- 45 min strength workout
20 min walk outside
10 DL (40#)
10 lat pull down
10 glute ham
30 second plank

Tuesday- run/walk 3 miles

Wednesday- 45 min strength workout
1 mile walk

15 seated row

8×3 (45#)
Strict press
Overhead squats

Thursday- Travel day!

Friday-Hotel Workout
400 m warmup

10 min run

12 plié squats
12 push-ups
12 dips
12 reverse lunges
10 donkey kicks
10 side plank raises
Repeat 3x

20 min walk to finish!

Saturday- Hotel Workout
5 rounds
400 m run
30 jumping jacks
20 squats
10 push-ups
5 burpees
Time: 26.19

Sunday-2 mile walk on treadmill

What Else Is New: We used the boys’ diaper bag to travel with and it was a huge life savor.  I got the Skip Hop Black backpack and I love it!  I also got out more of my cloth diapers for this baby because I’m going to attempt it this time.  I gave up easily with Liam because I was stressed out he wasn’t gaining weight and I figure we might as well try!  I’ve also finally decided on a dresser for Liam’s room.  This is the last piece to getting him 100% into his new room.  It’s from IKEA – the Hemnes 6 drawer dresser in white (if you’re interested).

What’s New With Liam: He had an insanely huge week!  Rode on an airplane (which he rocked by the way!), watched his daddy and grandpa use a digger, fed some goats at grandpa’s farm, met some family he’s never met, and started Preschool.  When we got back from our trip to North Dakota/Minnesota, we figured since he’d been in 3 different beds throughout the week, it would be great to fully transition him to his big boy bed for night.  I made the switch Tuesday night and while he fell right to sleep, I went into the baby room and just cried.  Didn’t think I was the emotional type with that stuff but man, he’s getting so grown up!



Great Grandpa Enn


First plane ride!!



At the wedding! We got a better family picture I’ll have to post soon!


Fun at the hotel!

Bought Anything: I need to get a baby book for the new one and since we have his name down, I can order that and put it on there.  Honestly, I need to save a few hundred dollars for a few weeks to recover our bank account.  Our trip to North Dakota cost us over $2000.  Yikes! Totally worth it to see family but I don’t even want to look at our account for a while. 

Doctor’s Appointments: My last appointment was last Tuesday before our trip and I am now the heaviest I’ve ever been in my adult life!  Haha,….I tell you that because I know my body is fit and strong and I have more muscle mass now then when I was pregnant with Liam.  Still amazing to see that number just creep its way up and up.  

I have 1 goal as far as fitness is concerned for this pregnancy and that is to run until I’m 35 weeks pregnant.  I had to quit with Liam b/c I got injured running too fast.  With this one, I’m playing it smart and already doing walking/running intervals.  This last week, I did 3 min run, 3 min walk for 4 miles. I’m loving the walking but want to keep up my running for another 2.5 weeks.  Cheer me on friends!

It’s September…holy cow…almost October!