How I’m Feeling: I’m having more pain on the sides of my belly (maybe more stretching).  I definitely feel this baby boy…all the time!  But he’s moving and growing so that’s a positive.  Rolling out of bed is the norm these days and I’m hoping I can just stay a little comfortable until he comes.  That last month is rough.  Everyone’s all, “You’re huge now.”  “Um….thanks?”  Not sure if that’s good or bad but it’s interesting to try on a pair of shorts or shirts that used to fit, like 3 days ago.  Yikes!  Getting closer…7 more weeks!

What I’m Eating: We did more bbq-ing this week to have some stock meat for meals when the baby comes.  Nathan did pulled pork and ribs (yum!)  I need to do 2-3 more meals but I’m out of freezer space!  Hopefully next week, when things wind down a bit more, I can make a few.  I found some at a great site that I will share later!

Workouts: This was another crazy week with traveling home, Liam starting pre-school, and trying to get back to our normal routine.  I was exhausted but still managed workout out plenty!

4 miles with 3 min jog/3 min walk- 50 min

Travel day!

Wednesday- 45 min bootcamp
Towel/paper plate workout

3×12 reps

Dead lifts
Oh press
Plie squats
Tricep ext
(15# weights)

Thursday- 3.5 mile run/walk

Friday- 45 min cardio bootcamp
15 min walk

3 rounds:
12 KB swings (30#)
12 sumo DL high pull (30#)
12 Cleans (45#)

Saturday- run/walk 4 miles at the park


Sunday- Rest

What Else Is New: I had my first “float” experience.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s exactly as it sounds.  You float in a bath of some 800 pounds of salt and it’s supposed to help with muscle relaxation and relieving the joints.  I’m going to blog about my experience next week.


We hadn’t been to the St. Louis Zoo in over a year. That is pathetic.  It is such a great zoo and it’s free!  We went last Friday and let Liam walk around and see the new animals like the polar bears and sea lion exhibits.  It was beautiful in St.L last weekend and it was the perfect excuse to be outside.



What’s New With Liam: Liam started pre-school this past week and is loving it.  It’s a mommy and me class that I attend with him which I think is just what he needs for his age and interacting with others.  It’s good for us to get in that school routine 2x a week. The kids have a reading time, play/free time with centers, a snack, playground time and then one more song and book before we leave.  It also forces me to sit down and interact with him playing which I haven’t always been great at.


He also had his first lesson in money and saving up. He’s had a few jars in his room for awhile to put loose change but I never took time to explain it to him.  He saw a toy at Walmart this week and absolutely had to have it (of course) so I went home and counted his money with him and the give, spend, save talk began.  As I was talking to him, I was reminded of how I shouldn’t just buy whatever I want, but save for it with the money I earn.  This is such a hard concept for me as an adult b/c if I want something, I should just go buy it!  But talking to him reminded me to be a good steward and to literally count my money first.  Not just swipe.

Anyways, he really got it and I’ve been paying him a dime or a quarter all week to do extra chores around the house.  He definitely has enough with what was already in his jar so now we’ll just head to the store this week and pick out what he wants.  I told him to really think about what he wants to spend all his hard earned money on, and that concept is still a little lost.  “I want a garbage truck forklift!”  Okay son, whatever you want.  You earned it.


Bought Anything: I got Liam’s dresser finally at IKEA this past Labor Day.  They had 1 in stock and I got it!  It’s also huge.  I didn’t expect that. It’s great because he will grow into it and it will help that he and I have to share a closet but now I can’t get the room configured right with the vent, window and his huge dresser.  I’ll post pics soon of the before and after of this room but what do you think?  I need help arranging it and having the furniture not “eat the room” as my husband says.


Huge dresser. This is where I planned it to go but you literally can’t get through the door.


Bookshelf..I may move this to under the window but it blocks the vent a bit. I really don’t want to stand it up and have skyscrapers everywhere in there.


Doctor’s Appointments: I have one this current week at 33 weeks, 2 days!  Getting closer!  I’ll update that next week.  (really nothing happened…30 minute wait with Liam in a room touching everything for a 3 minute appointment. Glad I paid for that!)

Can you tell I’m getting snarky with this pregnancy?!  Have a great week all!