How I’m Feeling: I feel like I get bigger by the minute.  It’s crazy how a shirt will fit one day and then not the next. My stomach is at it’s tightest and I remember this with Liam and why the last few weeks were the worst.  I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for having an infant around again, but it’s so hard when I have a great routine going right now.  Oh well, I’ll wing it! The baby appears so much lower than I remember with Liam.  I’m having difficulty breathing at night when I lie down flat but I know that’s normal.  Can’t reach my shoes and bending over is hard.  Oh the joys of pregnancy!

We did more traveling this week to Cincinnati for a friend’s wedding and the drive wasn’t that bad considering my size.  It was a long-short weekend! But it was fun to get out and get dressed up!


Workouts: My goal is to make it to 35 weeks with running.  I’m doing intervals right now of only about 3-4 minutes of running with walking and that seems to be working well.  Hopefully I make it 1 more week!  It would be awesome to make it to 36 weeks but we’ll see!

4 rounds
400 m jog
12 push press (25#)
10 swings (20#)
8 squats
6 knee raises (per side)

45 min strength workout
2 mile walk park

12×4- 12 reps each; 4 rounds

Curl, out, in to press
Deadlift + ant raise
Squat jumps
Tricep kickbacks
Lunge jumps
Time- 10 min

10 donkey kicks
2 sprints down with back pedal back.
2- slides down and back
2 – slides with squats down and back
2 – squat walks down and back

45 min strength workout
1.5 mile walk

Friday-rest – travel day!

Saturday- Hotel workout
3 min warmup at 2% incline

4 rounds:
10 squat and press (15#)
10 weighted jacks (10#)
10 reverse lunge and curl (15#)
10 skaters
10 wide reverse fly (15#)

End with 15 min on treadmill: 3 min jog, 2 min walk



Getting ready to workout!

Sunday- 2 mile walk with Liam

What Else Is New: We got Liam’s dresser completed on Sunday.  It’s huge.  Like super huge.  Oh well…he’ll have it for life =)  I’m also trying to figure out some bedroom configurations for him.  I’ll post pictures next week of his finished bedroom!  We are going to share the closet because mommy has too many clothes =)  

What’s New With Liam: He has had another busy week with preschool and following me around!  He’s been acting out a little bit more and I just have to remember that he is 3, but I definitely lose my cool sometimes.  I sometimes hate my response to him when he acts out.  I can be sarcastic and condescending and he totally doesn’t get it, but it’s the only way I know how to release.  Here’s praying he takes the transition well, and oh yeah, stops pooping in diapers!  I’m sooooo done with that!


Bought Anything: Nothing new for the baby or Liam except finishing his dresser.  Looking at some baby carriers and a double jogging stroller which I’m not sure I’ll use but it might be nice to have.

Doctor’s Appointments: I go back next Wednesday then I start going every week!  Getting closer…