How I’m Feeling: Belly is stretching daily and that boy is pushing on my every corner!  I’m still running…but I’m sure it’s very awkward looking.  Lots of hobbling.  Every time I lay down, I’m uncomfortable.  Ugh…I forgot how these last few weeks are awful.

Monday- 45 min cardio bootcamp

Gym workout: 8 rounds
100 m jog (1min of jogging or 1 min of jumping jacks)
8 goblet squats
8 incline push-ups
Time: 19.03

Tuesday- 3 mile run/walk

Wednesday- 45 min cardio bootcamp
Squats- 3×8-95#
Push press- 3×8-40#
Dead lift- 3×8-65#
Lat pull down- 3×6-60#
Reverse lunges-2×10-15# each hand
20 jacks after each set

Thursday-45 min functional bootcamp training

Friday-  2.5 mile walk

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Cardinals Care Fun Run 1 mile jog


My sis-in-law is training for her first half marathon and ran the 6k today!


The city still gets me sometimes!




Ran the whole mile with my 5 year old niece! My nephew got 3rd overall!


What Else Is New: Liam and I are getting on each’s other’s nerves daily it seems.  I think he knows that something big is coming.  He had swim lessons last week and didn’t do 1 skill.  I feel inadequate on a daily basis.  But I know that God is good and sovereign at all times and when I fail as a mom.

We took him to Skyzone in St. Louis this last week and he loved it…until he collided with a kid’s head and hurt his teeth.  According to him, they still hurt…5 days later.  So dramatic and I don’t have time for it honestly.  Oh boy am I in the last 5 weeks or what?!



Bought Anything: My friend Sara made an amazing blanket for the little guy.  It is the perfect size and color for his room! I’m going through clothes now and organizing into his dresser.  I swear I’ll show Liam’s new room at some point.  But these updates are hard enough!

Anything else new:

I am busy trying to get my business stuff streamlined and settled down during my maternity leave.  I just created a mini eBook to burning fat.  If you want your copy click HERE!

Doctor’s Appointments: Next week and then I go every week!