How I’m Feeling: Huge and lots of low pressure.  Sometimes, I’ll feel a jabbing pain and think, “This is it!” I’m shocked at times that he hasn’t broken my water.  I feel after looking at comparison pictures that this one will be over 8 pounds as well.  Lord help me because I plan to do it without an epidural again.  My shirts don’t fit on a daily basis which is annoying, but I only have 4 more weeks or so!  


Monday- 45 min weights workout
15 min elliptical
3 rounds
12 step-ups
12 DL
12 Skaters
12 Pull-ups

Tuesday- 2 mile run/walk outside at park

Wednesday- 45 min weights workout

Thursday- 20 min walk
Arm series-3×8 reps each
Curls, wide fly, alt overhead press, kickbacks, front raises

Friday- At Home workout
10 rounds
6 KB swings
6 squat and press
6 plie squats
6 push ups
6 walking plank
6 squat punches (per side)
6 elbow to knee abs (per side)
Time: 16 min
End with plank and hip bridge lifts

Saturday-Rest- volunteer at Belleville marathon!

Sunday- Rest
What Else Is New: I had a great time helping at a water station at the Belleville Marathon.  I’ve never been on the other side of a  race and loved it!  Can’t wait to make that a tradition with the Christ Church Running Club!  It was so hot that day! The runners did an amazing job and while I know some were hoping to qualify for Boston, the weather had other plans.  That’s what happens for fall races.  The year I ran the Chicago Marathon in early October, it was 70 degrees at 7 am…never a good sign.  But we finished and that’s what’s important!

img_8115   img_8111

What’s New With Liam: We had a new pediatrician appointment with Liam last week and it was horrible.  He was terrified of everything and screamed so loudly.  I was in tears when we left.  He wouldn’t even step on the scale.  I don’t know what is going on with this “afraid of everything” phase but I’m over it.  Then we came home and he played with his doctor bag with all smiles.  WTF?!  I’m just learning that with any new experience for him, his fears are very real to him and I need to go over exactly what’s going to happen (in detail) before we get there. Lord help us with the dentist this week!

Bought Anything: I got a few more outfits for the baby and brought in my tubs of clothes and bottles.  I hope this baby likes easy to clean bottles because I can’t handle the constant washing of parts.  One thing is for sure, we have too much stuff!  This baby is set as far as toys go and Liam has a ba-zillion that I went on a rampage and got rid of a bag of his stuff this weekend. Whoops…hope he won’t miss some of those things!

Doctor’s Appointments: I went on Tuesday and now am going every week!  I had my strep B test which I forgot is miserable and she checked me.  She said maybe at 1 cm which is fine, but I hope I progress with the next 2 visits.  I was at a 4/5 with Liam and 90% effaced before due date and that helped for a quick labor. She said my cervix was soft so that was good but otherwise, probably going right up until my due date.  Weight was at 171.8 and BP is 112/74. 

All is well and running out of room!