How I’m Feeling – Within the last 24 hours, I’m in pain!  I hurt my butt muscle running with Liam at 32 weeks, that same pain shot through me on Saturday like “Whoa!  Now I remember that!”  The baby is low (or so I’m told by like 5 people yesterday) and he is putting the pressure on.  The low pressure is intense.  It’s much harder to get up from laying down positions and I feel, literally feel, my ligaments tugging and pulling.  Not fun.  Probably still 3 weeks to go and they didn’t check me to see if I was dilated this week so I have no idea where I’m at, but will find out this week for sure.  I know it doesn’t mean anything as far as predicting when you go into labor, but I like to know how much is needed to get to a 10.

Workouts – Yay, I’m still running!  I did a few intervals this week of 100 m and 2-3 minute stretches on Saturday with our run club but this week may be my last due to the low, super uncomfortable pressure.  After I did a little running Saturday, I would be in pain walking for a few minutes after.  Focusing on strength this week!

Monday- lead 45 min cardio bootcamp

Helen WOD:
400 m run
21 KB swings
12 pull-ups

Tuesday- strength
20 min amrap
12 squat and press – 25#
12 deadlift- 50#
12 reverse lunge + curl
12 Tricep dips
6 rounds in 17 min; finished with plank and donkey kicks/leg raises

Wednesday- lead 45 min cardio bootcamp
200 m run
8 step-ups
8 push-ups
8 hip bridge lifts
Time: 26.44

Thursday- walk 1.50 miles

Friday- rest

Saturday- walk 2.25 miles with running club

Sunday- Rest


What else is new:  My bootcamp class met at Bella Milano and treated me to a great evening out with cake and gifts.  Totally undeserving, but way fun.  Wonderful time with this awesome group of people who are some of my closest friends. We’ve been working out together over a year and they mean the world to me!  They promised we’d go out again once I can join in Martini Monday!


What’s New with Liam:  Liam is still enjoying preschool and I love helping him navigate sharing and how not all toys can be his.  It’s a struggle but he’s adapting.  Hopefully his helper tendencies continue once baby bro comes along. Our biggest issue right now is learning how to get over certain fears.  Liam is terrified of certain things to the point of paralysis and we’re at our wits ends with a few of them.  No pooping on the potty, hates the doctor’s office but loves the chiro, scared of any random noise of a vehicle going by our house.  I know they are very real fears for him but I struggle with where to push and where to just let it happen on its’ own.  Prayers appreciated for him!


Scared to swing but not if he’s on his belly!

What else?!:  Nathan’s birthday was Saturday and we gave him his handmade Liam card, special beer and went to visit huge airplanes near the Air Force base.  Liam loved it!  Again, not scared of huge airplanes or flying on them, but scared of a random truck, 10 blocks away. =(

img_8213 img_8198


In other news:  #pregnantproblems – I was trying to put on a pair of capris this week and I almost fell over and my toe went through a hole and completed slashed it.  Ugh…



Doctor’s Appointments:  I went Tuesday – no cervical check but heartbeat sounds good and strong.  My weight – 173.4 and BP – 118/62.  Strep B test came back negative!  I have no clue if baby is head down or if he’s smaller/bigger than Liam.  I’m hoping smaller but I have no clue.

Here’s a side by side of me at 37 weeks with Liam and me today!  What do you think?!

img_8139 img_8223-1


What’s New for Fitness:  Don’t forget to see the previous post to follow along with the October Thigh Slimming Challenge!  In November, I’ll be doing a private FB Nutritional Accountability Group!  Low cost entry point and you will get a Clean Eating Guidebook complete with new recipes, healthy eating tips, sample menus, and grocery store lists.  Stay tuned!  Let’s get on track together!

November’s Free Fitness Challenge will be a Couch to 5k!  I have beginners and intermediate/advanced plans available!  Stay tuned, friends!  Only 3 weeks to go!