How I’m Feeling: Tons of low pressure.  Baby boy is hitting my right hip hard and feet are under my left rib cage.  Tons of burning and tingling down low.  Things have gotten way worse the last week and I am resting more because of it.  I remember being miserable the last two weeks with Liam but I don’t remember this kind of pain.  It’s weird.


Monday – 45 min strength bootcamp

10 min – elliptical


12 bicep curls, 12 dips, 12 OH Press, 12 lateral raise x2 – 15#

12 Goblet Squats, 12 Plie Squats, 12 Dead lifts x2 – 15-20#

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 45 min strength bootcamp

1 mile walk – 20 min

Thursday – 10 min AMRAP

8 swings, 8 Squat jumps, 8 rows – 20# KB, 8# weights

8 min AMRAP – 10 Squat and press (20#), 10 Skaters, 10 DB flys (8#)


Friday – Rest

Saturday – 2.25 mile walk

4 Rounds – 12 Swings, 12 1 arm rows (per side), 12 squat and press, 12 curls, 12 tricep extensions – 15# KB for all

Sunday – Rest

New with Liam:  We had more swimming lessons this week and he did better.  Still randomly afraid of certain things.  We went to my dentist appointment on Thursday to warm him up to the idea of going himself and while he was interested in what I had done, he said to me, “I don’t want to go to the dentist!”  Which means there will be a tantrum in our future.  Hopefully some prayer and essential calming oils will help us!  We had a field trip to the local pumpkin patch on Thursday too and it was hot!  Fun, but hot!  On Saturday (just in time) we had his sibling class at the hospital.  It was cute to see him with a baby, feeding it, changing the diaper, and burping it.  We then made a craft picture frame with him holding the baby. It was too cute!  Though he did freak out when we got there and wouldn’t let the nurse take his picture.  I had to do it…random!


We did all things Pumpkin this weekend!  Took a fieldtrip to the pumpkin patch with his preschool, took a wagon ride to the local farmer’s market to buy a big pumpkin and decorated our small ones.  Liam also wrote his name and baby brother’s name on 2 small pumpkins (but that’s under wraps until Baby bro gets here)

img_8335 img_8337img_8306

On Sunday, we happened upon a Fire Station open house after church and Liam got to put out a fire!  It was adorable and he loved every second of it!

img_8422 img_8394 img_8385

Doctor’s Appointment – I went Friday and saw the midwife.  Baby boy is head down and sitting on my right hip all the time!  Liam never really did that and it’s extremely uncomfortable.  She checked me and said I’m maybe at 2 cm. So we’ll still probably be waiting 2 more weeks for baby bro to come!  I’m fine with that!  We have a lot to do still and things to bring in from the garage like the car seat.  My weight was 172.2 – actually lost a pound this visit and BP is 116/74.

What else is new: Of course, I’m planning some big projects for my business in November/December.  But we have to make an income somehow!  I am creating a Fit Pregnancy 12 Week Workout Program that will guide women through workouts for each trimester. It will be structured like an eBook and I’m super excited to share my favorite pregnancy workouts and tips!

Also, stay tuned for my November group – Feast Your Way to Fat Loss!  This will be a 21 day accountability group (just in time for Thanksgiving) where we will dial in our nutrition for 3 weeks.  Exercise optional!  Good food choices is really where it’s at so this group is going to get you trim and fitting in those favorite jeans for your holiday parties! You will also receive my Clean Eating Guidebook, a 30+ page eBook with tips, sample menus, recipes, and grocery lists! Cost for the 3 week group is $47.

Check out the details HERE!