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How I’m Feeling: Not any more tired than normal, but definitely getting more and more uncomfortable.  It’s hard to get out of bed at any time, but I’m only getting up 1-2x a night to pee which was more frequent with Liam.  Lots of pain down low which causes me to look like I just rode a horse (sorry/not sorry for that image). I’m mostly belly but this boy is sitting low and on my hip with his knees catching my left ribs.  No good.   I will get short of breath while not doing anything which is random but my midwife said it’s normal.  Not sure what else to say here….sure hope I’m not still writing next week!

Still writing workout plans for clients and continuing to train online through the pregnancy and birth but my in-person ones are dwindling down.  I led my last class for one group last week and I’ll be taking a week or two off from the second, but as my stay-at-home life still needs income, I hope I feel good enough to return sooner than later.  I know, I know…I should rest and take time off, which I will, but honestly, I”m getting stressed about finances for the next 2 months.  4 weeks off, Christmas time, huge car repair just hit us, and the birth of the baby.  No income plus huge expenses.  I’m actually freaking out.  Prayers appreciated.



Monday- 2.20 mile walk outside
**side plank, donkey kicks
Glute raises with band – 20 seconds each

Tuesday- lead 45 min bootcamp
1 mile walk on treadmill

Lat pull down
Leg press
GHD machine
Shoulder press

Wednesday- 2.20 mile walk outside

Thursday- 45 min KB bootcamp

Friday- 2.20 mile walk outside


Sunday- walk around half marathon! I got to be a spectator for the first time at a half and it wasn’t “half” bad! Haha.  It was fun to see new and old friends plus my brother and sister-in-law.  Good day…lots of walking.  I’m sore and tired.  Definitely getting to the end of this thing…


My social media friend Kristen (@Concrete Runner) got a PR today of 1:35! Amazing! She’s awesome…go check her out!

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What’s New With Liam: Liam has been good this week but mommy is pretty much at the end of her rope.  I’m getting emotional thinking that he is only my baby for 1 more week.  I think he senses it too. He’s been acting out randomly and getting easily frustrated.  Pray for him and us as we transition.


We had a fun mommy/son day at Trader Joe’s this week! Lots of pumpkin everything!

Bought Anything: My baby book is on its’ way and I will share it with you after baby brother is born because it reveals his name!  I got it on Etsy and it’s super cute!

Doctor’s Appointments:  I went on Friday and I was 173.4 lbs and BP was 116/64.  My midwife checked me again and I was at 3-4 cm (yay!) but only 25% effaced.  I’ve been having some burning feeling in my belly when I lie on my right side and she said that could be where my placenta is or just general uterus stretching/contracting. Baby boy is sitting on my right hip and it’s very uncomfortable sitting for long periods. Hoping he locks in place this week!  I definitely think I’ve felt more contractions the last few days..only 1 week left!  Plus, my midwife said they would let me go a week past my due date which I’m happy about but not about him getting larger.  Oh well, boo to being induced!  


When do you think baby is coming???? Any bets?