Every little bit helps when it comes to changing out your products, cookware and food choices to safer and higher quality. Here’s the thing…we just don’t know what that toxic build-up could do in our bodies, but I don’t want to find out! And we know the ingredients in some of the personal care products out there are horrible for you. So if you’re considering swapping out some of your products, you don’t have to “go big or go home.” Seriously..every little bit helps. Here’s 5 tips to help you get started.

STEP 1 to Switching to Safer: Start Small

My best tip for transitioning to safer products for you and your family is to START SMALL. Find one thing you totally love or one thing you’re almost out of & use every day & start there. I also recommend to start with those products that stay on and soak into your skin like moisturizer, daily lotion or foundation. Don’t feel like your transition has to be all or nothing. It doesn’t. Just like any new habit or change, taking small bites will eventually lead you where you want to go. If you’re ready to overhaul your entire beauty routine, start with the items you use most often! Plus, this is a more budget-friendly way to switch to safer!

STEP 2 to Switching to Safer: Get Educated

I use the Environmental Working Group app and plug all my products into their database to see their ratings.One of the things I love about this safer skin care revolution is that companies like Beautycounter thrive on transparency. Got questions about fragrances or dyes? Ask em. Wanna know what the terms ‘natural’ & ‘organic mean’? Let’s find out! Besides the EWG, another great place to find out info is Beautycounter’s FAQ’s section!

Step 3 to Switching to Safer: Try Something

The best way to see if Beautycounter or another product works for you is to try it! I can honestly say receiving samples was one of the best ways I was able to find out about something new. Now, not everything is available for sampling which is why I looooove the fact that Beautycounter offers a 60 day return policy. Curious about a product? Let’s chat! You can shoot me an email at tobin.kel@gmail.com

Step 4 to Switching to Safer: Ask Me!

Have a question? You can ask me about what some of my favorite products are & I’ll be happy to share! Some of them aren’t even made by Beautycounter (yet!!). When someone loves something, you can tell. If you’re curious about a lip gloss or a charcoal mask, ask around! I guarantee people will give you plenty of well loved product recommendations. Having someone you trust who truly loves a product is invaluable especially since there’s nothing more frustrating a product that’s a dud. So go on, ask me!

Step 5: Have Fun!

Target has some great safer brands right now like Everyone for Everybody, Native, and more. Read your labels but live a little! We can’t pickle ourselves too much! Trust your gut and experiment on some new things when it doesn’t break your bank account and when you have a return policy you can jive with. I had never really worn much makeup before partnering with Beautycounter but low and behold, I am having oodles of fun! 

I hope this has helped you a bit getting started! Go slow…I can’t stress that enough! I personally switching out my dish soap and body wash first! I love Seventh Generation and Native! Then, we switched out our Teflon pots and pans (that literally leak chemicals into your food) for ceramic and cast iron. It’s a slow fade, but I know our family’s health is better for it!