Do you struggle with reflecting or journaling, but know it would probably help you through some things?!

That’s where I’ve been, well, for most of my life. I love the idea of journalling but could never get consistent with it. Sometimes I’d write 4-5 pages of scriptures, thoughts and what God was teaching me. Then I’d go months before doing that again. I knew I was missing out on powerful lessons God could teach me, and journaling through difficult times and victories to celebrate.

Well, friends…grab a pen and a journal and adapt this simple monthly reflection system I’ve created that I’ve actually been able to stick with! I’ve even added to it in recent months as I’ve seen how much it has helped my spirit and soul. 

Here’s what I do:

-At the end of the month (the last weekend or the last 3 days), I go through my phone photos for the last month

-In my journal and write the following headings:

  1. What did we enjoy? Highlight memories from your pictures. What did you do? Did you go on vacation? School events?
  2. What was hard? Any deaths in the family, going through a tough situation at school, someone being ill?
  3. What is God teaching me? Dig deep into what you feel he is teaching you or what scriptures have been helpful to you.
  4. What are you looking forward to? What is happening the next month that excites you and your family?

That’s it! It takes me less than 30 minutes and as a bonus, when you’re done, upload your photos to Google photos or Shutterfly and erase them from your phone to free up space! 

I’ve also add a few more questions to my monthly reflection like: What scriptures have helped me? and What goals do I have for the future.

I’d love to know if you adapt this for yourself! Leave me a comment or hit ‘reply’ and let me know how it goes!