Bob’s Red Mill has provided product for this review. No monetary compensation was provided. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I recently had the opportunity to test and try out Bob’s Red Mill latest protein powders and nutritional boosters! I have used Bob’s Red Mill almond flour, gluten free pancakes mixes, and a few other of their products since we switched to more gluten free and love them.  They are middle of the road as far as price goes, but I have loved the flavor and versatility of what they create.

bobs red mill, protein powders

I was excited to try their protein powders as I’m always looking for affordable, tasty protein we can use as a family.

I am loving the variety they provide in their flavors: Chai Protein, Protein and Fiber, Chocolate Chia, and Vanilla Protein Powder.  I don’t love Chai tea but this flavor is subtle and Bob’s Red Mill website has tons of great recipes using their products that help to find the right combination.

My favorite recipe so far was the Oatmeal Cookie:

– 1/3 cup Chai Protein Powder

– 1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk

– 2 Dates

– 1/2 cup rolled oats

– 1/2 cup ice cubes

protein, breakfast, bobs red mill

I love other oatmeal cookie recipes for protein shakes, but this one was so unique with the dates, chai powder and oats.  It was refreshing and crisp and the flavor was spot on!

A few of the powders had chia seeds which I love for the fiber, additional protein and I’m always adding this to my smoothies anyways that it was awesome to have them already in the smoothie.  I feel that’s what sets Bob’s Red Mill apart from others.  They think outside the box with products but they are still adding value to what they make.

bobs red mill, chia seeds, protein powder

These protein powders are great are on their own in a shaker bottle or mixed in with your fruit of choice, ice and almond milk.   They are made with pea protein powder, chicory root fiber, chia seeds, beneficial probiotics, and monk fruit extract for a touch of sweetness.  I always look for hidden ingredients and have come across other brands that hide sugars and sweeteners masked under different names, but I have never come across that with Bob’s Red Mill.  I’ve been doing more plant protein recently and this product has 20 grams per serving!

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