I do not want to add to the noise and news of what we’re all getting in our inboxes, online, and on television, but I wanted to just check in, see how you’re doing, share with you my simple practices for the next 2 weeks and maybe give you a game plan for how to thrive when things are uncomfortable and uncertain.

I, for one, am not experiencing what many others are going through. How we feel needs to be acknowledged, but we don’t have to a) live in our fears, or b) feel like we should just sit around and be miserable. I want to share a few things I’m doing to feel productive, get some much needed rest, and make the most of the next few weeks (or months). 

As a work at home mom, this has forced me to reconsider how I structure my days. It’s not just “business as usual” for anyone. Kids should be in school, but now they’re at home and I want to make sure they’re not missing what they would in school. I also have real stuff to do. It may not be the same amount of work, but my clients still have businesses they need to run. 

The first thing I created was a list of activities (including TV) that I could do with my kids during this time. I tried to think of all the toys we have, crafts, and things to do if it’s nice. My list for that is here.


Next, I drew a quadrant on a sheet of paper and made 4 categories:

-Things to do everyday

-Things we’d like to do everyday

-Things Mom wants/needs to do everyday

-House things to work on (if needed)


Next, I wrote out a daily schedule for myself and my kids. This is not a set in stone schedule, but helps me with where to start. For me, it’s easier to adjust my plans or schedule if I have a place to start from. Kids or no kids, this can be a great way to plan trips, summer breaks, or even a daily routine. 

**If you do have children at home that aren’t normally at home, I started Googling age-appropriate worksheets and activities to do inside. I didn’t find much luck with Pinterest b/c most of those sites ended up being for paid things. I did spend $5 on an 80 page packet for Liam. I figured, at worst, I had material for this summer! And next, as I purchased one for his next grade level as well. I’m not a huge crafter, especially if I don’t have the materials, but I do have some extra mason jars we’re going to make into prayer jars, and we have a few YouTube channels that offer exercise for kids like Cosmic Kids Yoga – highly recommend! 


A few things to spark creativity and generosity right now (kids or no kids):

-Write letters to your grandparents, parents, or friends telling them what they mean to you

-Read a digital book from the library

-Finally finish your online course

-Read the Bible

-Join a virtual Lenton study

-Print off some coloring pages + color

-Exercise (I plan to get outside every morning if it’s not raining)

-Get in 10k steps around your house

-Drink lots of water

-Clean out your closets

-Switch out your winter clothes


3 shifts I’m going to make: 

  1. Not everything is a priority right now – Working ahead on my business may not happen right now, and that’s ok. I believe that the Lord is putting my biggest priority right in front of me and this is my opportunity to be obedient
  2. Focus on a Verse of the Day – I’m sharing a daily Bible verse on my Instagram stories and on my Fb page – Purposeful Living with Kelli. I want to daily encourage others without overwhelming them because we’re getting that everywhere else right now! 
  3. Pay attention to my anxiety – I’m already super anxious and this isn’t helping! I’m going to check in with my friends via video chats, texts, and small in person workouts (1-3 people in an open area). We need community right now to ease our fears and frustrations, so get creative on how to manage what you feel. 

I hope this perspective has been helpful and encouraging. I’m leaning into the phrase, “What does this make possible?” and taking things day by day. Praying for you! 

Here’s a fancier version of our daily schedule moving forward:



Ps – Let me know how I can specifically be in prayer for you during this time. I whole-heartedly believe this can lead us all to Jesus if we focus on his promises and truth, and I’d love to stand in the gap for you as you grow closer to Him.