“You get paid to wear activewear??”

Short answer: YES!

This has seriously been the greatest blessing and job in the world.

Hi! I’m Kelli Tobin!

Busy mom to 2 boys, who decided to quit teaching and pursue the online business world. I found Zyia in early 2022 and I have been blown away from everything to the clothes, the income, the community and customer service. Whether you are interested in our product lines, would like more info on hostess rewards, or learn more about repping with us, I’ve got you!

who we are

We are a premium quality, family-owned active lifestyle brand out of Utah; empowered women of ALL shapes and sizes to become even better versions of our already-awesome selves through incredible gear and our 4 pillars: Light, Activity, Community and Uplift!

As independent reps, we have the ability to run our businesses in a way that works best for US as working parents, educators, busy professionals and activewear addicts!

what we do

As a Zyia rep, my day-to-day varies – which is my favorite part of my job! I work from home while my kids are at school. My time is spent checking on customer orders, sharing our brand online, setting up parties for friends to try Zyia, and as a walking advertisement at school pickup! I also spend time being mentored and mentoring my team. We are a “go at your own pace” group of women who push one another to reach our specific goals. That’s the beauty of working for Zyia. There is no penalty for simply joining to grab an amazing discount. What a little more income? We will hash your goals together and make a plan to hit them!


1. How much does it cost to enroll, and are there recurring fees?

Our Starter Kit is $285 and includes 5 clothing items, plus business materials to help you get started! Best of all, it also includes a $100 gift card you can use to purchase other items you’d like to have in your collection!

There is no auto-ship with Zyia. To be an active Rep, you only need to have a Back office and Website to sell products and run your business. The fee for this tool is $15/month but is free for 2 months with your starter kit! We also waive this fee if you’re selling $600 PV or more each month.


2. Are there minimums to meet? Do I need to carry inventory?

No monthly minimums! To remain an active Rep there is a low minimum of $300 PV in each 6 month qualifying period (which includes your purchases too!).

You don’t need to carry inventory either! Your customers buy directly from your website and shipped from our warehouse. If you want to host in-person parties, it’s handy to have some staples available but is still not mandatory.

3. Do I have to build a team?

Some Zyia reps enroll just for the discount or to earn some extra cash. Our compensation plan will reward you for working solo! However, the more women you mentor and help start a business, the more earning potential you have!

4. What is the discount like? What is my commission?

Reps get a 25% discount off retail price for their personal orders!

The base commission is 20% on Personal Volume (what you sell to customers). but there is also an 8% commission override and earnings from team building. When you advance to higher ranks, you get rank bonuses. See the full comp plan here.

5. Let’s do it! Where do I sign up?

So excited for you! Visit – myzyia.com/KELLITOBIN/ and click “Join” – enrollment is easy and it will walk you through how to choose the sizes for your starter kit pieces. Once you are enrolled, I will reach out to you to set up your Launch!


Any other questions? Feel free to email me at tobin.kel@gmail.com or shoot me a text – 217-299-1115. You’re never too late to start this business – trust me! If I can do this, you can too!