As a part of my fitness mentorship program, we are often told to make a list of our top influencers and reach out to them.  Some of mine are so big, I’m all, “Why bother?”  But I have a few who I have had the privilege and pleasure to work with simply because I reached out.  Each of these women has proven to be “not a just a big name, ” but down to earth, honest, awesome women who I can call my fellow professionals and friends.  I haven’t met any of them…yet, but I look forward to that some day!

When I thought about writing a book or a devotional, my number one inspiration was Diana Anderson-Tyler.  To me, she was fully embodying what I wanted to convey to my audience.  I have two of her ebooks about fitness and Christian living that have been backbones to me as a trainer, professional, and in spiritual life.


Check her out HERE and her newest website HERE

I reached out to her ( I think via Twitter first) and then we started an email conversation.  Guys, she had no reason to respond or even entertain me, but she did, and quickly!  I got a response back immediately and it was so warm and kind that I was embarrassed I had ever been too nervous to try.  I sent her our ebook  and she sent me back an amazing review.  Check it out:

“30 Day Refresh is a must-have for Christian women everywhere. In today’s noisy, fast-paced world, many of us put our own physical, emotional, and even spiritual needs on the back burner in order to serve those around us. While selflessness is certainly honorable, in the long run, we actually do our loved ones a disservice by letting our faith and fitness walks fall to the wayside. This book will help you reflect and refocus on God’s will for your whole being as His child and inspire you to pursue a life that is strong, flexible, energized, and bursting with and deep-seated peace and unshakable confidence in every area! Whether you’re an old pro at working out or haven’t exercised in ages, this book will meet you where you are and challenge you to pursue excellence from the inside out!”

If you have a dream, pray about it and ask God to affirm  it to you.  If it’s in his will, he will not only pave the way, but also surprise you with little things like this.

Here is the two books I have by Diana – They are perfect to add to your Kindle app so you have the workouts and devotionals at your fingertips.

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