I mentor a lot of women in my role as a business coach, as a virtual assistant in The Biz Runners, and on my Beautycounter team. Many of the same questions come up…”I don’t know what I’m passionate about and what I should do?” I have 100% felt this way many times in my life whether it be towards a hobby or an actual job. I’m sure all of us at 18, after graduating high school, asked a similar question. How do I know what I’m good and I’ll love doing? 

This is the scripture I first go to when asking these questions, “Those who are called to teach, should teach. If you’re called to encourage, then give encouragement.” – Romans 12:6-8⁣.

I always thought I wanted to be a teacher. It made sense to me and I knew the field with my dad and brother being educators. When I felt like I should leave my teaching job to be at home with my oldest son, it was super scary. It was the only real job I’d ever had, and teaching came more natural to me than parenting. 

In whatever you do, whether it’s trying a new hobby or changing careers and uprooting your family to a new city or state, know that it’s not about you. You had your purpose before you breathed your first breath. God’s given you gifts, talents, and abilities. And your greatest ability is your AVAILABILITY. Are you willing to say, “I know God created me to teach, so I’m going to teach, and see how that looks for me.” So instead of stressing over what you’re good at or what you could succeed at, ask yourself the following to get started:

-What can you not stop talking about?⁣
-What do you feel absolute joy doing?⁣
-What do other, Christian counselors or wise friends say you’re good at?

These are all ways to live out your purpose and passion. And don’t forget the power of prayer. Ask God for direction and expect him to show you it as you earnestly seek him. Listen to his promptings in your heart and the wisdom from others to take a small step forward. You don’t have to do them to make a living; that’s just my story. I can’t wait to hear how you use your gifts! The venue has changed many times for me. The gifts from God have only been amplified. Go live your passion on purpose!