It’s been a while, so here are my Friday Favorites!

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  1. Liam’s big boy room – It’s taken me awhile but I’m piecing together Liam’s new room and he’s been “resting” in his bed for a week.  Not napping yet but it’s still new.  Going to get his dresser this weekend from IKEA and then we should be set to move his clothes and toys over.
  2. My 30 Day Fat Burning Training Plan – I’m tooting my own horn here but I’m loving my 30 day program and the response.  Women are loving the program and feeling challenged.  It is the sleekest design I’ve done in a program and I have loved sharing it with others!  It’s a complication of my best workouts!  Get your copy HERE!
  3. Traveling – We are headed to North Dakota and Minnesota next week for Nathan’s brother’s wedding.  I’m excited to travel, but nervous at the same time. Not sure about traveling with Liam and his timidness.  Plus packing for the 3 of us should be interesting.  I tend to overpack but I don’t want to haul that stuff everywhere.  Stay tuned on IG and FB as I document our trip and video about it.
  4. Live Video – Speaking of video, I’m loving Facebook Live Video!  I try to share something either encouragement or what I’m doing with training or kid related Monday-Friday so make sure to hop on and check them out!  Also, I’m hosting a private free video training on burning fat next Tuesday, August 23rd you should totally sign up for.  Go HERE and get in the group!
  5. Baby Boy – He has a name we decided.  And if you know it, keep shut!  We’ll announce to the social media world’s once he’s here, but I love the meaning.  And, of course, I hear that name everywhere now!  Like, “Hey, that’s our name!”  He’ll be here in, hopefully around 10 weeks!  Yikes!  Momma better get her act together!

Have a happy Friday friends and stay in touch!