Friday Favs day!  You guys, I have less than 3 weeks before D-Day (due date!).  And no, I don’t think I’ll go early.  But the pain is real.  So let’s just catch up this week, k?

1. Workouts – If you want some fun, effective workouts to try click HERE!  I’m scaling it back and working on strength and walking, but you can get my workouts on my website anytime!

2. Motivation – I’m lacking it big time these days, but you shouldn’t!  To back on track, read THIS.

3. Food – This Cheese Tortellini recipe is the bomb.  Get it HERE!

4. 30 Day Fat Burning Workout Plan – So many ladies have loved using my ebook for their regular workout program or to supplement their workouts.  Grab your copy HERE!

5. Fit Pregnancy eBook – I’m taking pre-orders for my Fit Pregnancy eBook!  Get the best of the my workouts that will take you trimester through trimester and leaving you a Fit Momma to-be!  Pre-order NOW and get your copy for only $14.99!
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