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How I Get Through My Fasted Morning - Kelli Tobin

This post contains affiliate links but only of products I use personally and stand behind.

In June, I started the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program.  This program taught me all about intermittent fasting and cycling carbs to compliment my workouts.  I had heard so much about it and with all the buzz, I decided to go for it!

bcaas, workout, intermittent fasting

Let me first tell you, I LOVED the workouts!  I didn’t think I liked sprints (who knew?!) but my body and legs especially totally responded to the program. The heavy leg days were rough but quads chiseled out and it was great seeing my physical progress.

Along with that, I fasted until around 11 am workout, faster way to fat loss, intermittent fasting, post partum bodevery morning.  This helps tap into your fat storage as my primary fuel for workouts instead of carbs (which are usually readily available).  In a sense, you are training your body to become a fat burner.  This fasting took my body some getting used to and while I don’t always fast until 11 or 12pm, I find that I feel better and make better choices fasted than when I eat a traditionally timed breakfast.

To help curb any hunger I feel, I’ve been taking BCAAs.  BCAAs stands for Brand Chain Amino Acids.  To keep it plain and simple, they help with protein synthesis (so I keep what muscle I’m adding) and help me ward off hunger until my first meal of the day.  I take it before I have a hard workout like 4-5 miles of running or on heavy strength days. They also help with recovery.  Truth be told, I just love the taste of them and the fact that it’s helping me reach my goals…even better!

My favorite is MomSanity’s BCAAs!

And they’re on sale right now for $27.99!  I love the ladies behind this company and they make a super delicious product!  Try them out and let me know what you think!

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