I listened to a podcast recently all about comparison. While I pressed play thinking, “Here we go again with ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ bit,” I was surprisingly blown away at how much it hit home, but also gave me a way to stop comparing in a negative way.

Here’s the deal..if you’re stuck in your business, you’re probably comparing. You’re scrolling too much, thinking that everyone else does it better, and that you there’s no way you can do ‘that’ because ‘she’ already did it.

“The source of unhappiness is comparing and if you’re comparing, you’re likely unhappy.” – Ed Mylett

Are you frustrated you don’t have more income?

Angry because you can’t seem to find interrupted time to work?

Stressed out because you’re raising kids and growing a business but you feel like you suck at both of them?

You feel that way because you imagine other people rocking those things better than you! You see women who look happy, healthy, and bringing in huge amounts of money, and you think, “What am I doing wrong?”

Nothing, sister. Nothing at all. You’re comparing your story to theirs. Unless you’re careful, you could soon give up altogether because you tell yourself you’re unworthy and will never be successful.

Here’s what you need to hear….You have to flip the script on comparison. Assume those women you see worked their butts off for everything and you can too. Write out your story if you need to remind yourself that you have a journey to share that can add value to someone’s life. Use that comparison mindset as fuel toward bettering yourself.

I certainly do not have this mastered yet. Any amount of scrolling on Instagram or Facebook will send me into a spiral of feeling not good enough, and so on. So here’s what we’re going to do together. Every time you start to compare in your head, stop yourself and say, “I can do this and I am worthy of the desires God put on my heart.” Then take one small step forward in your business. It doesn’t have to be super strategic. It could be posting a vulnerable story or going Live. Do something that will confirm that you’re doing it! Keep reciting those positive mantras until you start to believe in yourself.

A second way is to practice daily gratitude. I’ve posted mine on Insta-stories before and my followers loved it and adopted it themselves. Write in a journal. Say a prayer every night. Whatever makes sense to you that you will keep up as a habit. Because you need to remember how good you have it and how great the people in your life are, and how your worth isn’t tied to your job or your business.

We’re in this journey with you, so don’t you dare read our stuff and think, “man, must be nice.” So much of our success is in the nitty gritty mindset work we have to do every day, and prayer to believe in who we know God created us to be. We can’t wait to see you kick this cycle and start using comparison for fuel and fire instead of fear.