How to Create a Family Mission Statement

I’ve been in the process of writing a family mission statement to hang in our house for over a year. I want something I can refer to or point at when we have arguments with one another.  Like, “Hey, remember?  We use kind words here.”  I just haven’t figured out the best day to sum up what I want it to accomplish or do for us.  But I know I want one as Liam gets older and the constant, “Why do I have to do that?” continues.

Leigh Ann over at Intentional by Grace has a great post about writing one and some resources to help you start the process.  Here’s the LINK.

Here’s what I have so far:

We listen to one another’s feelings.

We work hard without complaint.

We love God.

We pray together daily.

We talk about how we feel.

We obey God’s call.

We ask for forgiveness from God and each other.

This is in no real order, but it’s a start.  Do you have a Family Mission Statement?  If so, how did you come about writing it?  I’d love to hear about it!