It’s scary to join a direct sales company. And super overwhelming. I’ve been nervous to share this, not because I don’t believe in myself, but because I want to be 100% transparent with you as my supporters, readers and followers.

Consider this the official announcement of my new business as a Beautycounter consultant. Woo hoo!  Crack the beer open, jump up and down and cue the confetti!

This announcement, however, has made me super nervous. Why? Partially because I fear that many of you will see the word “consultant”, and get outta here fast.

I totally get it. I have said no to multiple opportunities to join several companies because while I did use their products, I couldn’t get behind their mission. And direct sales (eye roll time). I know you’ve felt pressure to buy, welt weird at a party, or that you were just being sold to.

But if you’re still with, I’d love to share why this is different for me and how my brand is evolving to serve you better.

For me, this chance to partner with Beautycounter got super personal (and to be honest, I didn’t know how deep rooted my ‘why’ would be). My dad died of lung cancer almost 10 years ago and was never a smoker. Through my research and my search for “why did this happen,” I found that it was most likely exacerbated by his lifestyle choices, poor nutrition, and a toxic environment.

I started questioning what I was using myself because if the statistics became my reality, I want to know I did everything I could. And this really came to light when I had kids. What was I using on them? Was it safe? I learned that the government isn’t forthcoming on all the stuff out there because A) they don’t regulate it or B) they are run by money and big pharma #youdidn’thearitherefirst.


My Story

In the past 10 years, we have done our best to choose organic food, take limited medications in lieu of natural remedies , change our cookware to stainless steal, getting adjusted by a chiro each week, and changing the products we clean with. 


But I was neglecting my skincare. I am gradually seeing the effects of being a runner without using sunscreen, and years in a tanning bed (just being honest). I’m not getting any younger and  I want to take care of myself the best way possible with products I can trust. I love to read labels and compare, but at this point in my life as a mom of 2 little ones, a growing virtual assistant business, and my online fitness business, I need no-brainer decisions. And while I’d love to browse Target for hours just perusing the makeup and skincare aisle (which I still plan to do form time to time #keepinitreal),  I want to be able to pick a brand that make me look good, feel confident, and are full of quality ingredients.


Enter Beautycounter

I had heard of Beautycounter in 2016 but didn’t use many products. I reached out to a few consultants just to try the lotion and exfoliator. I immediately loved them….fresh orange scent, non oily, and my face and skin looked amazing. I also started researching the company because I heard read some claims and wanted further information to back it up in my head.

Here’s what I found:

-The US has had no new legislation in the cosmetics industry since 1938.

-The EU bans 1400 harmful or questionable ingredients and the US only bans 30

-Many companies are labeling their products with  “natural” or“organics,”, and highlighting the good in their products while slyly shading the bad. The is called “greenwashing.” Many companies have natural ingredients, but also contain fragrance, which can contain any number of harmful ingredients, but they don’t have to disclose them on the label.


The Mission

The name Beautycounter literally means “countering the beauty industry.” The founder of the company, Gregg, along with the executives campaign for change on Capitol Hill.

Beautycounter advocates change and education, and empowers its consultants to pass on that information. They talk the talk, and walk the walk.  It’s about getting safer products into the hands of everyone.


How It All Comes Together.

I was super hesitant to join yet another network marketing company after a failed attempt with another company and opportunities to join others. Ultimately, I decided to join for 3 reasons:

-I have a passion to bring total health and wellness my clients, friends, family and the St. Louis area. I truly believe that when we feel better, we do better. We are more effective when have confidence and confidence in our decisions. 

– I cannot multiply myself any farther. I have had My Fit Finish fitness business for years and I also co-own The Biz Runners, a virtual assistant business. There is literally less that I can physically do. I can’t take on more clients. I can’t go teach more classes. My #1 job is to be at home with my kids and change our life and make an impact in the kingdom. This company was 100% in alignment with my mission and it will help me to make passive income instead of spreading myself super thin.


-Right time, Right place. It’s not always the time to start something new or venture out into another company, but I knew that the low investment (just $98 to join) was worth the risk. This is the perfect extension of me and my business goal which is ultimately to help women live a more intentional and purposeful life. 


What You Can Expect:

I will continue to 100% honest with my followers, clients and fans on what I’m loving and what I’m not. That includes Aldi finds, Target aisle must-haves and Beautycounter products. I don’t use all the products. And I don’t plan to. I feel a passion to bring you better options and put this quality stuff in your hands. But you will have to choose what is best for you and your family.  If you have products you love that work, stick with them. You do you!

You all are my people…my supporters and fans. It means so much to me. It has allowed me to raise my boys from home.  Whatever support you give me on this endeavor, I welcome and am so encouraged by. Additionally, this movement doesn’t happen without us joining together on a mission! I’d love to chat with you if you are interested in joining either as a discount consultant or to grow an amazing business from home! Send me a message and we can have a non-threatening chat (haha)! I seriously love sharing and educating my friends. And this could be JUST what you are looking for!

I’m happy to answer questions and send you samples. But really at the end of the day, if there’s anything I want to sell, it’s progress towards better safety and health.


Thank you so much for reading!