I’ve been thinking a lot about how to inspire you and encourage you.  The truth is, I’ve had a rough 2017.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen the issues we’ve had with Micah sleeping and screaming for his first 5 months, and we just recently lost 2 grandpas in our family within a week of one another.

As I think about working out…I just don’t…ha!  It’s been hard to get the mojo back to workout consistently and eat right.  I’ll be honest that my nights have included more chips and wine than anything else.

But that got me thinking..Don’t over complicate what you’re doing or trying to start.  Just workout.  Eat right, one meal at a time.  Do what you can TODAY. Pray.  Read the Bible TODAY. Don’t worry about the long run.  Just get through each day.

I’ll be praying for you as you do what you can today.  Remember to give yourself grace and ask God to help determine your steps.  And if your complacent as I was, just hang in there.  It will get better and you will feel the spark come back.