My hope and prayer as a woman of faith in this online space is to be 100% transparent and authentic in what I’m reading, how I’m growing, what I’m learning, and more. 

As a female entrepreneur working from home while raising my kids, I feel the word ‘hustle’ gets thrown around a lot and to be honest, seems to be praised. “Work harder and you’ll get what you most desire.” “Don’t give up.” “Continue to pursue your dreams.” But really, this ends up looking like staring at your children over a laptop, working at the dinner table, working 7 days a week, and being a slave to your phone.

But is there a better way? Is there a way to grow as a female business owner from home AND stay present as an obedient woman of the Lord? I definitely think so! It takes daily discipline, concentrated effort, and a pursuit of God in how he wants your business and YOU to grow! 

***I, for sure, am not an expert on this, but as a work at home mom going on 4 years, I can give you some ideas and insight into tending a spiritual home and starting a business at the same time.

1.  Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing – Why did you desire to quit your job to be at home? When you crunched the numbers, how did you push to make it work? For us, I felt specifically that I was meant to be at home with my oldest son (who is now 6…wow!). I can’t really explain it other than God plucked me from my teaching job, of which I desperately needed out, and provided us enough income from my side jobs to raise my son from home. If your business suddenly exploded but your main thing had shifted to making money, your priority would be your job. Not your children. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe your children are in school now and you have the days to yourself at home. My point is, keep your main thing in your crosshairs. It’s never far from my mind that my #1 job is to raise two spiritually equipped boys into men. My “job” running The Biz Runners and Beautycounter are 2nd.

2. Set Up Boundaries – My husband is adamant about me taking a Sabbath. My day off is different each week depending on what we have going on, vacations, and work load, but the fact remains that I needed that boundary so I didn’t let my priorities shift (see #1). I do not check email, work on my computer or check in with clients at least 1 day a week…2 if I’m lucky! This has taken time my friends so be kind with yourself but I’m thankful to have a partner who encourages me to honor God in my business. 

3. Plan Your Days – Include the Lord! – Oh how I get this wrong so often. I fill out my planner each Sunday night with client work, appointments, phone calls, activities with the boys, and all of a sudden, every hour of the day is spoken for. It’s often that I’m running around getting lunches ready, cleaning the kitchen, drying my hair…all while my children eat alone at the kitchen table. Ladies, it’s so easy to plan your days down to a T but miss the BIG stuff. I’m making a point to read my Bible with my children while they eat breakfast. We are starting memory verses again after a long hiatus. I am writing out quiet time for me to read a devotional and for the boys to read alongside me during the day. If you’re home all day, can you write prayers on sticky notes and place them for your children to see? Recite your memory verse while you travel to Chick Fil-A for lunch? Listen to worship music while you clean? Put on a Podcast for your kids while you dinner prep? These are just a few ideas on saturating your home with the gospel so you and your children are continuously surrounded.

As I’ve said before, I do not have this all figured out. I struggle daily sometimes, but I want you to know that working for “things” is not the answer. As The Anchored Woman says, “This idea of glorifying the hustle is absolute poison.” I feel this ladies. I feel it deep in my bones to pursue rest, my children and spiritual growth over a dollar sign. And I’m okay with that. My business will grow the way God intends.

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