The hardest part of being a stay at home mom for me is knowing that I still have to “work” to help us financially. But what could I do?  From home?!

Okay, I do still work as a online fitness trainer and lead a few classes in person.  That is my heart and soul, but did you know I was a Beachbody coach as well?! And if you didn’t, it’s because I don’t talk about it.  I HATE selling it!  I love some of the programs and Shakeology,and know it has helped thousands, but I just loathe the actual selling.  I never really got the ball rolling with it because I’d rather run or do my own workouts so I am now just a “discount” coach.

But I have made significant income in just 6 months time in a new position that allows me more financial freedom, less stress, and more time with my family.  I’m a virtual assistant for online business owners! That means I help people in the online world with scheduling, graphics, automating emails and newsletters, and more!  I can do it on my own time each week (just as long as it gets done) and I bring in a paycheck each week….without selling a thing!

So how did I get started???  The online space is booming right now and odds are, you follow someone on Facebook or Instagram who sells something. LuLaRoe, Lipsense, Usbourne Books, Beachbody, ItWorks, and maybe even their own personal business.  Many of these people are doing things in their business they don’t like to do or is taking up too much of their time.  A virtual assistant literally gives them their time back, and can help them double or triple their income!

Even just at 1-5 hours a week, you can feel a little more at ease with your budget…and who doesn’t have 5 hours a week?!

Interested in becoming a VA??  It doesn’t have to be difficult!  With just a little training and a professional looking landing page of services, you can start your business IN NO TIME!

To help people become their own VA in hope of financial freedom, I’ve created The Biz Runners with my good friend and client Kristen Van Horn. We are committed to training VAs with a self-led course, and then hooking you up with clients!

Click HERE to join The Biz Runners Facebook Page and learn about our future training!  With our training, you will be making back your investment in just a few weeks plus adding money in the bank!

Stay tuned for this course!!!!