In August, we’re going to change things up and do a different sort of challenge.

Make over your mornings campaign graphic

Welcome to the Make Over Your Morning Challenge!  For 30 days, we will put certain things in place each day with just an added 15 minutes to hit goals, have more energy, and more time for family and friends. No, this does not mean you have to be a morning person!  Everyone’s schedules are different so you’re “makeover” may be in the later afternoon or early evening.  I thought that August was the perfect month to do this challenge since school is starting up again, vacations are ending, and we will soon get back to a more normal routine.  What better time to get the routine you’ve always wanted!

The first step in our challenge is to let someone know you are doing this!  We are more likely to accomplish something if we have accountability so take some time today to tell 1-2 friends what you’re hoping to gain in the month of August.

For the first 15 days, we’ll be working on implementing a few steps each day to “makeover” our day.  The last 16 days, we’ll be able to check in, hold each other accountable and see all the progress we’ve made by doing the steps each day.  

Here’s what we’re hoping to accomplish each day:

    1. Prepping the night before – take away the business/craziness of the mornings and lay out clothes, make lunches, and set aside bookbags, work, etc the night before.
    2. Make your “must get done today” list each morning – no more than 3 things.  These are things that absolutely must be done that day.  Write them down first thing.
    3. 5 min in a Devotion or Bible Study finishing with prayer – I’ll be sharing what I’m reading and offering tips along the way for devoted time with God.
    4. One household chore – making the bed, putting dishes away, wiping the counter down, folding a load of laundry, etc.  Pick one you can get done each day or morning in 15 minutes and get it done!
    5. Exercise – 10-20 minutes – Could be a walk, a DVD or at-home workout.  I’ll be posting little workouts to try on your own!

    This challenge is FREE like all of my monthly challenges, but if you want to up your game and fully commit to making over your morning, I’ve created 3 printable documents to help you!  They are just $0.99 if you enter the code AUGUST at checkout and can be purchased and downloaded to print HERE!  

Included are:

  • Things to do Sheet for each day of the week
  • Scripture Cards you can print and cut out to place around your house!
  • My Monthly Goals sheet with places for your “Top 3” and soul, body, and life goals for the month!

Check them out!