First of all, I’m so excited to be blogging again! I did a major overhaul of my brand, my IG handle and now, my website and I’m thrilled to continue to bring you content on living a purposeful life!

You may know by now that I am passionate about household and selfcare products that are good for you and your family. We’ve slowly started overhauling our product choices from vinegar + water to clean everything to our shampoos and makeup.

If you’ve ever been down this road, it can be overwhelming! Where to start? How to know what you’re looking for? What to swap out first! Coming from someone on a budget and not a lot of time, I’m giving you my top tips for switching to safer products w/o fear!

Tip #1 – Get Rid of Old Stuff – We all have that sunless tanner we’ve been holding onto for years, or in my case, 7th grade eye makeup (I know…no judgement, please!). It is so hard for me to part with stuff that I “might use” someday. But honestly, you’re doing your skin, your face, or your countertops a disservice by holding onto them and using them. Not only that, they could be causing you skin irritation, breathing issues, and more! Go through your bathroom cabinet and ditch them!

Tip #2 – Head to the EWG – The EWG is the Environmental Working Group which is a database for household and personal care products and gives them a toxicity rating. The lower the number, the better. Now that you’ve kept the products that you use and aren’t expired, head to this website here. Put a product or brand in that you have at home and see what the ranking is. Below is an example of self tanner.

This Jergens Self Tanner, which I owned until about 6 months ago, is rated a 6. Not great! Then, there’s an explanation of why it’s rated the way it is. This particular product shows high on endocrine disruption, Multiple, additive exposure sources, Contamination concerns, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs).

My general rule is trying to stick with products 3 and under.

Tip #3 – Start to Swap – Notice, I wouldn’t try to change everything all at once. It’s just too much. And just because something ranks a 0 or a 1 at the EWG doesn’t mean it’s right for you. I would start by changing 3 things – What goes on my skin, what goes near my eyes, and things with a few key ingredients to avoid. For example, body lotion and face moisturizer covers a large surface area and your skin being the largest organ, these products should be quality. My favorite body lotion is here. These products are higher quality, so they will naturally be more expensive. That’s why I change my stuff out slowly and with intention. But they usually last longer than cheaper, less quality products. I would next swap your mascara for one without carbon black. Carbon black is a dark black powder used as a pigment in cosmetics such as eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. It has been linked to increased incidence of cancer and negative effects on organs. Lastly, switch out items with the following ingredients: SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), formaldehyde, and parabens. These are my personal top 3 but you could also add in PEGs, Triclosan and Fragrance. The top three I mentioned are known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and can cause skin irritation, to name a few. Try to ditch those asap!

I hope that has helped you attack your bathroom and kitchen cabinets with ease and understanding. Start slow, find products you like and companies you trust, and know you’re doing your very best!

For more info on products that have an EWG stamp of approval, go here.