half plan

I’ll be running my 16th half marathon on April 2nd.  I’m running the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon in Springfield, IL.  This gave me my first PR (until I recently smashed it in 2015) and is full of brick roads (not great but nostalgic), a look at where Lincoln lived, worked, walked and is buried.  It has a few steep hills, but is mostly residential in downtown Springfield.  It’s a great course and my brother and I will be running it together again!  Below is my training plan

6 Week Half Training Plan


You may have noticed, I’m working in nutrition and carb cycling into it.  This is something new to me, but I’m excited about the potential results for me.  I am one of those fit people who is strong and has endurance but still have some areas of fat and lose skin around my mid-section I’d love to lose.  By tracking my food in My Fitness Pal, I am learning how much of a “healthy carb junkie” I was.  Sure, fruit is great, but that is full of carbs and not great to have all the time.  This way of eating and training is a great way to cycle your carbs and have your muscles soak up those carbs (on feast day) and stay in check everywhere else.  I’m currently doing this with my trainer Jess Allen (check her out HERE)  We are following the guidelines from this book:




I’ll post more about this and how it works as I go through my journey.  Right now, it’s a lot of learning my body and how to run with this nutrition plan.  I’ll be honest, after a low carb day, I am completely wiped for a longer run.  Ideally, long running is not best suited for this plan, but I’m learning how to make it work and still see benefits.  Look for more posts in the future about carb cycling.