Today we’re wrapping up this series with my third pillar to a purposeful morning routine: Writing out my to-dos. 

I know we all probably have a list, a post-it, a calendar, or something we keep a running list on. But some of my “to-dos” repeat daily. Others are things I do only on certain days. For example, I wash the dishes and vacuum the kitchen floor nearly every day. I only collect the trash on Mondays. 

I use a few different tools to keep myself organized when planning my day. I love Trello for my repeating tasks and for work related items. Here’s just a peek at what my Trello board looks like for work. 

For tasks that are happening that day and that day only (for example a phone call with a friend or client or a Zoom call), I use my pen and paper planner or a post-it, so I can cross things off! 

Take a minute to think through your day. I know that to-do list of yours might be long and looming, but what REALLY needs to be done, and what can wait until another day? Focus in on your three most important tasks, and jot them down. Walking into your day with a clear focus will help you be productive and purposeful.

What do you use to keep yourself organized and to keep track of all your projects? 

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