5 years ago, I felt a strong “feeling” (I’m calling it God and obedience) to quit my part-time teaching job and be at home with my oldest, who was 2.5 yrs old at the time. In making that leap, I had strung together a series of part-time jobs from working at my church to fitness instructing to selling things on eBay to have enough monthly income to be able to stay at home. 

Today, my journey includes another little boy (hello Micah!), a thriving virtual assistant business with my BFF who I met online, and a partnership with Beautycounter. The things I did when I started at home are now my “fun” activities like leading a weekly fitness class! 

One of the hardest things I found in this transition from working mom to stay at home working mom was finding friends. I just didn’t fit in with our local MOPS group at the time I quit my job. They had all been a part for years and had formed relationships that I didn’t feel I could just barge into. I missed my teacher friends, but then I wasn’t a teacher anymore so I felt super lost. 

I’m an introvert and it can be hard for me to go to group play dates or girls’ nights out because my default is to stay at home. Yet in these last 4 years, through post-partum depression and losing some grandparents and jobs in those years, I really needed a good girlfriend. A mom who understood what I was going through…that I missed my “real” job terribly but also felt specifically called to be at home. A mom who had similar ambition as I did, to grow a business from home, but also was drowning in all things motherhood. 

I never doubted my decision to be at home, but I definitely had moments of “How are we going to make this work, Lord?” I literally didn’t know where I fit in.

And then I met Kristen. I posted in a Fb page that I was trying my hand at Virtual Assisting and she asked if I could help her. And guess what…Kristen had suffered from post-partum with her latest baby. AND she taught PE like me!⁣ We instantly connected and a huge bonus is that she is only an hour from me, so we could actually get together with our kids and talk parenting and work. Meeting her felt like my first effortless friendship in a long time (probably why we’ve had such a great time growing our businesses together!).

God showed me in this transitional season that he cares so deeply about personal connection, community, and friends who can help us be the woman he created us to be.  ⁣

Moms, we need you. And we need the gifts and talents you bring to the world. ⁣If you’re a mom with a big heart for your kids, but a fire in your soul to do something, write something, sell something, craft something, produce something, we have a Facebook group just for YOU.

If you have a business, you’re welcome here. If you need a mom group that “gets it,” this group is for you. This is about YOU. Get unstuck, get some dang confidence, and grow like you never thought possible! ⁣

We’re so excited for all that’s possible in this community of like-minded, driven mamas!

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