I know we’ve all been inside longer than just the past 3 winter months, but the spring is a great time to go through your makeup bag, swap out a few things and get yourself some shades and products you love to wear!

1. Replace Expired Products

I used to be terrible at this (using eyeshadow from my wedding in 2009) but now, I do a better job of going through my stash 1-2x a year. Of course, no one’s going to throw out an entire full product that’s barely been used and is only a few weeks past its prime, but perhaps it’s time to get ruthless with some of the things you’ve been holding onto for a really long time. Follow this graphic for reference!


2. Invest in What Matters

Safer skincare and beauty products can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be your entire budget for the month. Swap out products that aren’t safe that cover the largest surface area on your skin – like face cream and serums. Pick 2 different fun shades for spring/summer for your lipgloss and commit to using those until they’re out. Start small – it adds up!

3. Embrace tinted moisturizers + bronzer

Give your heavy foundation a break and switch to a tinted moisturizer. This will let your skin breathe a little and still give you quality coverage. Play around with bronzer! These are perfect for warming up skin and adding some glow and making it look like you’ve been getting sun all winter long!

My favorite tinted moisturizer is Dew Skin. It comes in 6 shades, is buildable and has an SPF of 25.

4. Go for a bright lip color

Try different shades of pink and oranges for a fun pop of color.  These can also play double duty as cheek tints/stains, too!  Here are a few of my favorite shades

5. Choose products that are multi-use

Cream blush can work as lip color and eye color, and bronzer can double as eye shadow! 


Don’t be intimidated by swapping out some products this spring! Trust me, you will feel refreshed and more confident as we welcome days of more sunshine!


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