I’ll be 16 weeks this Sunday, and I wanted to talk about my workouts a little more in depth and how they are different this time around.  With Liam, I lifted with mostly machines, free weights and little to no plyos or Crossfit type moves.  I ran 3-4x a week, did elliptical on my off running days, and then walked the last 2 months when I couldn’t run.


I ran 3-4 miles each run with Liam until the end of January (I think around 28-30 weeks).  It was the day of my baby shower in Pawnee and I ran 4 miles before it.  I felt great during the run – probably a sub 9 pace – but I pulled a muscle in my butt and couldn’t walk right for a few weeks.  I tried to walk/run 2 miles a few days after and it was so painful.  I don’t think I pushed it too much but with pregnancy, your ligaments stretch and loosen in preparation for birth so I was probably so loose everywhere and being off balance with large belly, it just happened.

With #2, I’m training completely differently.  I’m doing a lot more Crossfit type workouts with plyos, cardio circuits, burpees, strength and shorter sprints. I’m really looking forward to my workouts this time around because I feel so much better trained than I did with Liam.  I lost a lot more weight after Liam was born that I’m in better shape than when I got pregnant with him.

Right now, I’m doing Crossfit WOD’s with strength and cardio 2x a week, adding a little more strength on Wednesday, runs Tues/Thursday of 3-4 miles right now, Friday – bodyweight hiit at home and Saturday – 4-5 miles, Sunday – rest day.  Some weeks will only have 4-5 workouts instead of 5-6 depending on my schedule and how I feel.

I did a lot more long races later in my pregnancy with Liam but I’m planning on switching to 5k’s during the summer (hopefully 1-2x a month), continuing my strength and otherwise doing more a walk/run for longer runs.  I love running and while I don’t see the most gains from it anymore as far as weight loss and strength goes, it’s still my first love.  I won’t ever quit it until I physically can’t.

So right now, I’m listening a lot more to my body during runs.  A lot of pregnant women are told to keep their heart rate below a certain number during workouts. I listened to some research on this and listen to my own body and I really don’t buy it (for me anyways).  Since I am a conditioned athlete for what I do, I know my body.  I know what feels right and doesn’t feel right.  So, as I grow larger and my oxygen capacity is lower, I physically can’t push it harder.  I have to slow down.  It’s been hard only in my races because mentally, I’m all in and think, “Just push a little longer.”  But physically, my body and is like “Nope. Slow down.” And so I do.  Lately, my 3-4 miles, 2x a week has had walking breaks for 20-30 seconds every few miles.  This would normally really bother me, but right now, that’s how it has to be and I plan to stay injury free with this one, so I don’t mind slowing down.

I ran my first 5k a month after having Liam with a pace of under 9 minutes per mile, so I know that my body will remember all that I have done and am doing.  So when I do get too big, I will switch to uphill walking, elliptical, and more strength. Right now, I don’t have to make many adjustments with my strength (including still doing ground to floor burpees) but again, I will know when to adjust.

If you are in a stage of your life where you’re not necessarily pregnant or ever will be, but something has changed with your schedule, training, eating or routine, go with the flow.  Do what you can, but just get through the changes.  Life happens and every workout will not be great.  And they might suck for the most part.  Lean in and continue to show up and you will bounce back.  It won’t always be deadline time at work.  School will be out soon.  You won’t always be 9 months pregnant.  Embrace the change and that God will carry you through.

How do you adjust your workouts during times of change?  Do you skip them or move them to a different time of day?  Let me know what you have to add!