Starting a Business You Love from Home

You have a dream, a desire, something that won’t leave your heart to do something (anything!) from home to generate income and support your family.

Where do you even start?!

Take it from me, former PE teacher and volleyball coach, turned virtual assistant and safer skincare advocate, it’s hard to pinpoint the perfect job from home! But it can be done!

My story is likely not unlike yours. I quit teaching high school after 8 years because I felt God calling me to be at home. I never thought I would be a stay at home mom, but here I am! I also knew I would have to find some way to support us financially each month. For 2 years, I taught local fitness classes, did online personal training, and held CPR classes to fill in the gaps.

After those two years and battling postpartum depression following the birth of my youngest son, I knew I needed to switch gears. I had zero clue what I was even good at or even wanted to do, but I knew two things and those two things helped me get to where I am now.

I knew that I wanted to help people and that I wanted to be a number two. Realizing that was so freeing and life-changing for me. I didn’t want to create online bootcamps for the same 5 people when others nearby ran better programs with more people. I wanted to HELP those who were ahead of me in business, and that is how my virtual assistant business started. I, no longer, had to come up with a clever or income-producing idea, but could support other women online with killer businesses.

Today, I have become a number one by co-owning a virtual assistant business with my online and IRL BFF, Kristen. Five years ago, this was not even on the radar for me, but with a few key people and opportunities in my life, I have created an amazing business from home that is flexible, financially rewarding, and fulfilling.  

How does this apply to you?

As I said, I didn’t even know being a virtual assistant was a real job. I didn’t know to dream and work for what I have now. You may not know either. But, luckily, I’ve created an action plan list for you to help you narrow your focus in starting your at-home dream job!

The first thing I’d have you do is get out a piece of paper or your favorite notebook and write down, “If I knew I could not fail, I would …”.

Don’t edit. Just list, and answer it boldly. Write down all of the things you would do right now if you had nothing to lose. Don’t hold back! When you’re all done, go back through it and think about common themes, or things you loved doing in the past.

Did you love volunteering at Habitat for Humanity one summer? What did you love about it? Being outdoors? Helping underprivileged families? Do you love kids but didn’t love teaching in a conventional classroom? What part of teaching did you love and do well at?

This list is a jumping off point. It’s not a “make $10k in your first month” list. That comes later, and likely, the first thing you choose won’t be where you end up. I started out as an online fitness instructor after quitting my teaching job because I had a degree in physical education, loved working out, and could make extra income leading fitness classes. However, the return on investment, driving all over town with toddlers, and time spent didn’t help me replace my income AND spend more hours at home. What I finally realized was that I wanted to help women who did all those things in the fitness world. I wanted to cheer on and do behind the scenes work for fitness enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts: There is no right or wrong way to get started, which I know maybe not super helpful! I would much rather someone just tell me exactly what to do. But take pride in knowing you’re not alone in this journey. It starts, stops, turns left, upside down, and goes every which way, but can quite possibly be the most rewarding thing.

**Just in case you are “Just tell me what to do, Kelli,” here’s a short list for getting started:

  1. What are you trying to achieve with your business? – Make a clear list of your ‘wants’. Do you want to replace your current salary? Have extra income for your lifestyle? Share a new hobby or passion with the world?


  1. What do you love to do? – Write down what you do in your spare time for fun or what you enjoyed at school. What could you get lost in for hours?


  1. Who you want to help? What problems will you solve? – Successful businesses market specific people and solve specific problems. How will your idea or business solve a problem for women, children, or working moms? Dig deep here and really think about internal and external problems. It also might be helpful to think of those problems you see and think, “This is so easy, why can’t other people figure this out!”


  1. Who is your ideal client? – This goes hand in hand with no. 3 but here is where you describe exactly who you want to help. What is her age? Does she have kids? Where does she work? Shop? Does she value organic food but have little time to cook? Is she a mom on the go? Would she rather be reading or writing vs working out? Give her an age, a city she lives in, a career, where she shops, what her greatest fears are, and biggest successes.


  1. Start researching – Talk to people one step ahead of you in the business world. Ask what they’re reading for personal development. What podcasts are they listening to? What does their daily routine look like for working at home? How are they doing it? Start researching your idea online. Look on Pinterest or other search engines for people doing the same or similar things. Browse your idea(s) online to see if there’s a market or niche for it.


To help you get started and see your dream to fruition, I’ve created a short worksheet to get your brain flowing with ideas! You can get that by clicking here! Write down a list of what you do in your spare time for fun, what you could lose hours doing, what you enjoyed at school and what makes your eyes light up when you talk about it with others.