As we start 2020, I’ve made a list of 20 intentions for 2020. Not goals, but ways I want to become more Christ-like. Some are silly like “Chew my food slowly,” while others have more Kingdom effects like “Reading the boys a daily devotional at the breakfast table.”

I know many of us are decluttering as we put Christmas decorations away, and I know I had a trash bag on January 1 collecting toys we were done with and clothing that didn’t fit to donate. I’ve seen people on Instagram cleaning out their fridge or medicine cabinet and I was so encouraged to help you easily navigate switching to safer products that feels doable, affordable, and sets you up for greater health and confidence in 2020. 

3 tips for Starting Small when Switching to Safer:

  1. Get rid of all expired products – If it’s medicine and it has an expiration date that makes you question it’s effectiveness or safeness, ditch it. If it’s old makeup that you can’t remember when you bought, throw it out. Clean out colors you don’t like or shades you never wore.
  2. Learn to read labels – When I shower, I sometimes just stand in the warm and read my shampoo bottle. You learn a lot reading a label over and over! See which of your products have known concerning ingredients like: PEGs, parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), or fragrances. Which of your stuff has those offenders? Can you commit to start to look for replacements for those that have multiple skin irritants? One way to check, if your product doesn’t have a label, is to go to and type in your product. It will give you a health “number” based on its’ relative safeness. I aim for products under 4 or 5. 10 being the worst and 0-1 the best. They look at things like skin irritants, ones known to cause respiratory problems, cancer-causing ingredients and more. 
  3. Switch out 1-2 products this month – I’m a big fan of starting small. If not, it’s overwhelming for your budget and your mind. Some of my favorite products are not good for my health, but they work…know what I mean? My hair has been a beast to figure out and I still don’t love any “natural” one I’ve used. The only ones I’ve found to get rid of the build-up in my hair and leave it so I don’t have to wash it every day is one that ranks a 4-5 at the EWG. But it works right now. So I’ll use it up while I research for another safer one that might work. One easy and affordable switch to make today is your lotion or your bodywash. My favorite lotion is Beautycounter’s because it is naturally scented with citrus mimosa, goes on smooth, and I know is verified by the EWG as safe! Plus it lasts 2-3 months! I aim to switch products first that we use daily and actually seep into our skin and stay there. Body wash is an inexpensive way to switch to safer. My favorite Target body wash is Native and I love the brand Everyone for Every Body.They also have kid’s soaps, hand soap and more. 

Here’s what I do know…we just don’t know the toxic build-up that is happening with all the products we use daily, the cookware we cook with, if we use plastic in the microwave, using our phones too much, watching too much TV and more. So why not switch out what you can, when you can?! I can personally tell you, my family’s health is better than it’s ever been and I have confidence in what I recommend to others and in starting conversations about how to live your best life. 

Will you join me on this #switchtosafer challenge for January 2020? What’s 1-2 products you can pitch and 1-2 you can replace on a budget? Let me know in the comments below!