I don’t normally pop in for an extra email to you all, but this was an important message that I know some of us need to hear.

Are you already overwhelmed with the “Get fit for the holidays” challenges? Or thinking about how you need to “get in shape” come January?

I used to run these challenges and know some are important, but this year, I’m feeling the shift. I feel God breathing into our culture for those of us who are Christians and I’m hearing him loud and clear.

“Retreat. Be still. Get away to be with me.”

Friends, Jesus was the busiest person and most sought after leader there ever was. And he STILL got away to be with the Father. He was still and quiet before the Lord. 

It’s no coincidence to me that my Amazon book wish list includes the following:

Here’s my next “program”…Stay in the Word. Move every day. Prioritize vegetables and protein at every meal. Look into my children’s eyes when they speak. Listen to friends. Sit still before the Lord.

If you’re “in,” congrats! This is your permission to live fully for Jesus without the pressure to do a challenge, track your food, buy a program. Those can all be good things, but I’m finding that my true joy is in the less. 

If you’d like to see a video I did on this topic, head here

I’ll be sharing a guide with you in a week or so with some workouts, Bible verses, and nutrition tips for the months of November – December. This is a FREE guide for you to use as reference and tool for when you want to move but can’t think of a workout. Or want to read your Bible, but don’t know where to start.

Start with Jesus every day. Think simple. Pull back. Lean in.

**PS, let me know if this resonated with you and some of the overwhelm you experience this time of year.