Working outside of the home and now working in the home, with one I take to school and one who will be in preschool soon, I have realized the importance of a morning routine for my sanity, my mood, and my productivity. You do not have to be a morning person to have a purposeful morning routine. You just have to have purpose in your mornings. Below are my three pillars for a peaceful morning routine, but they don’t have to be yours. Ask yourself, “What will help me feel my best if I do it every morning?” “What will help me with my productivity later on in the day?” and “What do I want to do alone or when it’s a little quieter?” 

Pillar one: Get in a Workout 

Spend 10 minutes on a walk or run to get your body moving and your blood flowing. Pop in a DVD or head to the gym. For me, if I don’t do it in the early morning, there’s less of a chance I’ll do it! 

Pillar two: Read the Word

Start by reading the YouVersion verse of the day. Download a study. This is another habit that gets put off if I don’t do it in the quiet morning hours. Start small with Bible reading and as you form the habit, do an online study with a friend or journal what you’re reading.

Pillar three: Write out Your To-Dos

Take a minute to think through your day. I know that to-do list of yours might be long and looming, but what REALLY needs to be done, and what can wait until another day? Focus in on your three most important tasks, and jot them down. Walking into your day with a clear focus will help you be productive and purposeful.

These are my 1, 2, 3 for a peaceful morning AND productive day! I’ll do a deeper dive into each of these later on! What about you? Are you a morning person or not?