When it comes to working from home, I totally feel in my element. Add in lesson planning, teaching, and setting up an entirely new routine and schedule….now that takes some planning! And while this is an area I get really pumped about, I know it is overwhelming for a lot of you. 

Today, I want to share 5 tips for making this transition to homeschooling//work from home parent one where you thrive instead of survive.

Tip 1: Have a plan but be flexible! – Write out all the things that need to get done on a particular week or day. Make a schedule.  Know that as things come up, you can better go with the flow. Some things won’t get done, some can be put off, and some will get done, but at least you had a plan and you’ll gain more confidence around having a plan in place than not.

Here’s a look at the plan I wrote for our family:

Tip 2: Communicate Often – Set the tone each day with expectations and communicating the plan. Listen to your children’s needs. Tell them and your spouse when your “work” time is. Let them know when free time or play time. Kids thrive on structure too. 

Tip 3: Plan in Downtime – Not all of your time needs to “productive.” Talk to your kids, play a game. When it’s naptime or quiet time, get to your more creative work.

Tip 4: Using a Project Manager – Platforms like Trello, Notes, app, or Google Drive help you stay organized and not scattered. When it’s time to work, you can easily pull up the days’ activities or worksheets and see everything in one place. 

We have created a Homeschooling Schedule Trello board Template just for you who needs a place to organize all the websites, free downloads, virtual tours, and to create your daily schedule. See, all in one place! To get yours for $9, go here

Tip 5: Do Things You’ve Never Done – Things are not the same right now, and maybe that’s a good thing. This is an opportunity for us to truly connect with our kids on a personal level. When else will be able to work at home and teach our kids valuable school and life lessons. I know it’s hard, but it’s also sort of beautiful. Lean into the new, wonderful things God is placing before you.

Change is hard for many of us, so whether you’ve worked at home for a few months or years and are now navigating being a teacher from home and balancing both, or you’re new to working from home & homeschooling, give yourself grace as you find your way. There is no right or wrong way to do something. I pray during this time that if you’re freaking out a little bit about how to get everything done, you remember you’re learning too! There will be systems that work and ones that don’t. Games that go well, and others that cause a fight. Worksheets even you don’t understand and some that will make you feel like a rockstar teacher.