Eating better at home doesn’t just happen on accident.  I have tools that help so we can eat smarter and healthier at home.  Below are my top 5 kitchen gadgets for good eating at home.


Top 5 kitchen gadgets (1)

The Fry Slicer – I got this one for Christmas a few years ago and it’s a game changer.  I haven’t purchased store-bought fries since.  You still have to cut sweet potatoes down into fours to get them to go through it but it cuts them into perfect fry wedges.  It comes with 2 guards – thick cut and more matchstick cut.  It’s hard to clean (mostly because I don’t own a dishwasher) and it’s difficult to store but totally worth this small investment.  If you love french fries and want some ownership on what is going in your body, get this slicer!

Blend Tec – This is on the pricier side.  Amazon has it for $349 with Prime but if you get it at Bed, Bath and Beyond, you can use a 20% off coupon.  This has more than paid for itself for us.  We do smoothies everyday and where a regular blender would have already torn a blade to shreds, this one keeps up.  I’ve made ice cream, blended and cooked soup, and made baby pureed food with this.  It has tons of different settings and speeds.  It has a counter of how many uses you’re up to and we’re into the 1900’s.  We’ve had for 3 years.  That’s a lot of wear and tear and it’s still in good shape.  It has a 7 or 8 year guarantee as well, which is nice for peace of mind.

Double Jigger – Okay, this one isn’t for you health.  Well, maybe mental health.  This is more for those of you who like to entertain and make mixed drinks for yourself or friends.  We like to try new things.  This little jigger is easily stored, stays out of the way, but makes you look like you know what you’re doing when pouring a drink.  It takes the guesswork out of, “Was that an ounce I poured?”  Super easy to clean.  Great purchase.

Rachael Ray Santoku Knife – I love all things Rachael Ray and this knife does not disappoint. I’ve had mine for years and while it does need to be sharpened occasionally now that I’ve had it almost 8 years, it still does the job. Great grip, cute with the orange handle and easy to find.  Love this knife!



Blender Bottle – I have several of these and they are perfect for shaking up your smoothie on the go.  I don’t always have time to use the Blend Tec so this little bottle does the job.  The little ball inside helps break up the powder as you shake  it.  It’s sort of pain to wash all the parts and protein powder can get stuck inside the lid (again maybe my next gadget should be a dishwasher), but all in all, worth it.


Hope this was helpful to you as you look to round out your kitchen.  My biggest issue is space for all the gadgets and tools I want.  Someday…I’ll get that dishwasher and all will be right in the world =)

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