Welcome to July and while you may have already had your vacation, these workouts are still great to do around your house without equipment!  This is the first workout in my 4 part series giving you workouts as you travel!

We are heading out today for the Ozarks in Missouri for a few days with my entire family.  This is one of two shorter vacations we will take this year, and while we’d rather be in Mexico, there will be some “beach” time, swimming, eating out, and relaxing which is what we desperately need, especially before baby boy #2 comes along in a few months.  I’m super excited to workout with my sisters-in-law on this trip as they are training for half marathons and doing one of my online bootcamps at the same time!  I put myself in charge of creating/bringing the workouts for us to do this week.  While there will be plenty of ice cream, margaritas (for them!), and relaxing, I plan to get in a 20-30 minute workout each day.  Here’s my top 5 tips for staying active on vacation:

  1. Pack light & smart – I am terribly guilty of packing too much.  Even for day trips!  Pack 1-2 pair of workout shorts, use your running shoes as walking around shoes, and a few sport bras.  You can Febreeze them if you don’t have a washer during your trip and lay them out to “dry”.  If you don’t pack it, you for sure won’t exercise. I am throwing in a workout DVD and a set of workout bands for strength, plus my running shoes. Little space, but huge return.
  2. Workout in the morning – I’ve always been a fan of morning exercise so you can get it over with and go on with your day but this is never more true than on vacation!  You can still sleep in and get a workout done before the family heads to the beach or on the local outing for the day.  You’ll feel better indulging later (because it’s vacation after all!) if you worked out in the morning.
  3. Get your family to join – Pack a DVD to do together in the hotel room, hit the hotel gym together, or go for a run/walk to explore the city you’re visiting.  This is a great time to bond and be active together, plus, you can be their accountability to working out!  Just let them know before you leave so they can pack accordingly.
  4. Explore the area – I mentioned this above, but one of your workouts could be the walking around you do at Disney all day, or walking around the outdoor mall for the day.  Get more bang for your buck by choosing activities that require some exercise.  Vacation is the perfect time to do unexpected workouts.  What about renting bikes to explore the island?  Or going on an hour long boat ride or parasailing? Choose family activities where you can be active and have fun!
  5. Plan, but be flexible – Ask for the agenda the night before so you can plan your workout, but remember, it is vacation!  If you sleep a little longer, you probably needed it.  Or if you don’t workout at all, that’s okay!  Think of all you gained and the experiences you enjoyed while being away with those you love or exploring a new place.  Do things you’d never do at home and enjoy.  Sometimes the best “workout” is sitting outside and reading a book.  


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