Valentines Day is rapidly approaching and while I know for my husband, that means he will stress about what to get me, if we’re even exchanging gifts and what I got him. But Valentines Day doesn’t have to break the bank.  I want to give you 5 ways to celebrate at-home and on a budget!

1.  Rent a movie and pop popcorn – If you have kids, do you even watch movies anymore?? We don’t!  So renting a movie and popping some popcorn can recreate the movie-date scene in your own home without spending over $10/person at the theater.  

2.  Cook a meal together – We love making up meals of our favorites at restaurants.  Decide to plan the  menu together and cook it over some wine!  Our personal fav is buffalo chicken horseshoes over sweet potato fries.

3.  Play a game – ask each other questions or play a board game.  When is the last time you did that?!  We’ve even had a nerf gun fight!  Do something out of the ordinary.  I printed off these questions for a date night and they would be perfect to read and reconnect at home with on Valentines Day – Questions for Date night

4.  Workout!  – Those who sweat together, stay together, right?!

Here’s your “Cupid’s workout” or perform with a friend!

2 sets/14 reps with or without a partner!  Complete 1 set of each exercise then start again for the second set!

Mt. Climbers
Plank jacks
High knees
Tricep dips

Ab crunches

5.  Involve the family – You might have 4 little ones so the above are not possible.  Get together as a family and make your own tradition!  Get ice cream or watch a family movie.  Learn how to cook a new dish or do a family Valentines craft.  You can get super creative here!

I hope you have a great day with those you love and you can create a new tradition with some of the above!