How I’m Feeling:  Definitely feeling low belly pressure.  I told my husband, I finally felt super pregnant on Sunday.  Hard to get up, feeling my ligaments loosen, and probably about the time to slow down my workouts.  I’m still planning on walking/jogging, doing the eliptical, but with more strength.  Not so much jumping anymore.  I’m trying to get my rest in as much as possible but it’s hard when Liam doesn’t nap as much and I have stuff to prep for baby.

What I’m Eating: I’ve started making freezer meals and finding easy things to make once baby comes.  I made this spinach and white sauce chicken pizza this week which was excellent and peanut butter scotcharoos!  These bars are great and semi-healthy with protein powder added in.  Check out the recipe HERE




Made these no bake protein bars!


Monday- 45 min cardio bootcamp
20, 15,10,5 (20 of each, 15 of each…)
Swings (30# KB)
Squats (30# KB)
My climbers (incline)
Push-ups (incline)

Push press (40, 50#)
Rows (49, 50#)
Curtsy lunge knee raise

3 min of:
10- 30# alt KB swings
10- DL (30# KB)
5- 30# KB lawnmower pulls per side

Tuesday- 3-3.5 miles
Lateral squat walks
Plank x 10 sec
Side plank x 10 sec. 3x each side
10×3 rounds

Wednesday- 45 min cardio bootcamp – circuits
1 mile jog/walk outside

20 min amrap
25 air squats
20 alt arm pulls (25#)
15 KB swings
10 push-ups (modified)
5 Burpees

Run 3 miles – 3 min run; 2 min walk

Saturday- Rest


What Else Is New: We have a busy August with traveling to North Dakota and Minnesota to see family and also trying to get Liam’s big boy room ready.  We put the bed together this last Saturday and now I need to clean and get his toys in there so he can sleep.  He’s excited for it but I’m hoping the transition goes well for him.  Still not pooping in the potty…Lord, help us!

What’s New With Liam: He finishes up swim lessons this week and he’s done great! (probably because he gets a cookie if he gets in the water!).  We’ve tried to head outside when it’s not blazing hot to go to the park, ride his bike, and have picnic lunches.  He’s asking a ton of questions about everything and we’re enjoying the Olympics too!


Bought Anything: I exchanged my diaper bag for the same one in a different color.  Chose black instead so Nathan would feel more masculine holding it.  I took another trip to IKEA to get Liam some things for his room and of course, left with more than I had planned for. I’m honestly surprised by our store and the lack of help for a pregnant lady. I had to lug a heavy nightstand by myself and navigate 2 carts (one with Liam in it).  No help.  Just stares.  Thanks IKEA.


Doctor’s Appointments: Great appointment! We went to a new hospital today which is probably where we will deliver because their birthing suits are….sweet!  Labor tubs, private rooms and less traffic.  It’s a little further away then the hospital we had Liam at so we’ll just have to plan to drop him off quickly and head there.  My weight stayed the same at 166.6.  Not sure on BP…some nurses tell me what it is, some don’t.  Doctor said my glucose test came back great and actually a little low.  We asked several questions about the spot on the baby’s heart since we hadn’t spoke to this doctor yet and he assured us that there is nothing wrong functionality wise with the heart. And since we did genetic testing and are low risk, that is a better indicator then the ultrasound that he is okay!  We asked more questions about vaccines and pediatricians and he was very open and honest about what he recommends and what his kids have/what is necessary.  It’s been hard to find a ped on this side of the river who will just listen to our concerns and work with us.  Most offices are very cut and dry.  Those are obviously not the ones for us!  

I think that’s it for now!  Another busy week of swim lessons, Paw Patrol outing, and getting ready for our trip!