We found out I was pregnant on Friday, February 26th of this year.  I had feeling tired (exhausted really) and had some other signs I will spare telling you but hadn’t taken a test.  I had an annual appointment and asked to take a test.  3 minutes later, Positive!

Safe to say, we get pregnant very quickly.  We had been trying for Baby #2 so as much as it was a surprise, it wasn’t that big of one.

It’s like my body finally realized it because that weekend was awful as far as cramps go. I had bad cramps the day I found out about Liam and bad ones with this one too.  Just for 1-2 days, then it passed.

How I feel & Cravings: This pregnancy so far has been…different.  I feel sluggish, exhausted, and have crazy cravings.  Maybe not crazy, but out of the norm for me.  With Liam, I craved healthy salads and avocados.  With this one, candy and sugar.  Like I’ll scrounge for a Sour Patch Kids treat every day.  I have several non-healthy impulse buys in our cabinets to which husband said to me, “What is happening to you?”  I’ve never understood the craving thing, until now.  Some people like to get my hopes up that that means this one is a girl, but I have no feeling either way right now.


My positive test!

IMG_4269 (1)

About 4-5 weeks here and just found out!

Workouts:  My workouts have been okay.  I’m running 3-4 days a week as I train for my half which just happened although my pace has slowed big time.  I’m okay with it because I want to be able to run long term regardless of how slow.  I’m still lifting 3 days a week.  At my doctor’s appt, they told me to not lift over 25 pounds.  I politely disagreed with this and explained that I lift that way now and the nurse said that was fine.  Just don’t push it.  Obviously.

Changes:  With this new addition, we will be moving Liam to a toddler bed and into a different room.  We will be purging my workout room/office and consolidating it down. I’m kind of freaking out about this because a lot of this is part of my online business but I’m excited to purge stuff.  We have too much and it’s bursting at the seams.  This also means I will lose 1 of my closet areas.  Prayers as I try to purge!


blog - bump update

I ran my 16th half marathon this past Saturday in Springfield.  I did the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon (I think this was my 4th time in this race, though I’ve lost track through the years).  It was cold and windy for this race!  I think the temp was 38 but it felt like 26.  My brother and I got there around 6:15 (start time at 7 am) and tried to stay warm in our car and then by standing in the sun before the start.  Neither one of us had gloves and couldn’t take extra clothing to shed because we didn’t have anyone at the start line with us this time. My mom came later but we managed just fine.

After the Mary Todd and President Lincoln imitators gave their final charge for the race and danced to Pitbull (no joke), we had the national anthem, and then a musket fire start.  Talk about a way to stop someone’s heart before you start!

One of my friends, Alex, was the pacer for the 1:50 group so it was nice to see him after a few years and some former students.  All of my training runs had been super slow for me (9-10 min miles), I think due to the back injury flare up and baby taking all my energy.  So starting with the 1:50 pacers was ambitious to say the least.  My goal was just to run my race and not have any expectations.  My brother and I started together but he quickly took off (as I expected him too) and I lost track of him around mile 1.  The first 6 miles, I felt really good. Not winded, back didn’t hurt and fully of energy so I kept up with the 1:50 group.  I really just wanted to finish under 2 hours which is around a 9 min pace time.  Mile 1-4, I was around an 8 min pace so my thought was to keep going for as long as I could at that pace until I had to walk.

Right around Mile 6, there was a water station and a little bit of an incline.  I decided to take my GU Chomps at this time and usually can chew and run, but since it was so cold, they were rock solid so I had to walk to chew them up.  Got a little water and kept going.  My pace stayed around 8:15-8:30 for miles 7-8 even after some walking.  This is when my favorite parts of the course take place and also the hardest.  There’s a spot around mile 10 where you loop around the cemetery and see other runners ahead of you.  I finally saw my brother, gave him a little wave and realized he was 3-4 minutes ahead of me or more.

We looped around and got some great race photos of me squinting and coming up a hill (thanks race photographers) and then entered another neighborhood.  There is a crazy steep hill in this race and we hadn’t hit it yet and I started to think maybe they had changed the race course from when I last ran it a few years ago.  Hello, hill at mile 11.  Super steep and my jog was basically a walk so I walked up it and then continued to run.  By this point, my back was fine but my hip flexors burned.  This is the part where you hip meets your pelvis in the front.  Worst pain ever and I’ve never had it during a run before.  At least not like this!  My lungs and chest felt fine but that burning wouldn’t go away.  I walked more the last few miles but still felt like I had a good pace going.

Not until I was between mile 12 and 13 did I feel the wind they had called for kick up.  At one point, I don’t think I was moving forward.  I’ve always tried to save enough in my reserve tank to run the last mile of every long race but I walked a few times between 12 and 13 and don’t even feel bad about it.  My goal is to stay active and keep running so at this point, I wanted to finish.  No real push at the end, just crossing the finish line. Map My Run worked well for me until I tried to end the workout and then it said I ran 7:30 pace!  So if you’re my friend on the app, the app is a liar and I’m not that fast!

I got my medal, banana, and water and found my brother and mom.  My mom was at the last turn and yelled me on as I finished.  Ryan had a time of 1:48 (not his PR but close) and I finished at 1:54 and around 8:40 pace.  I was definitely pleased with this but wish my legs felt better.  We don’t typically stick around long after races but we grabbed some fuel and the beer for my mom to drink =) and got our picture with Abe then slowly hobbled to the car. As much as I was sweating when I finished, that wind and temp quickly got me shivering again!

All in all, a good race.  Not my favorite time running that course but I love when I can still run halfs pregnant.  I have a 5k tomorrow and a 7k Sunday, then maybe a break until late May or June.  I’ll probably just do little races throughout the summer and aim to do another half next spring after the baby.





Nothing much more to report!  Stay tuned for week 12 coming up next week!  What do you want to know?  My workouts?  What I’m eating?  Let me know!