I haven’t been in a traditional classroom in nearly 6 years, but I will say that educating runs in my blood. Becoming a Beautycounter consultant was NEVER on my radar. I wasn’t even washing my face when I signed up and bought all the skincare lines. No one approached me about this business. The opportunity sorta fell in my lap and… well, here’s my story.

Why did I become a Beautycounter consultant?

When my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009, I started to learn about how the foods we eat and the chemicals in our personal care products impact our health. I’ve always been food conscious and tried to eat organically, but was unaware of all the things we use daily that affect our health. I didn’t know it mattered. This sent me on a journey to change out the food we eat and the products we were using as I learned more. I didn’t know the laws that so loosely govern the personal care industry hadn’t been changed since 1938. I didn’t know 80,000 ingredients had been introduced in the past 80+ years and that only 20% had even been tested on humans. And I certainly didn’t know that while Europe bans 1400+ ingredients and Beautycounter is banning 1800+, the United States is stuck in the stone ages. And that so many of these ingredients are potentially harmful because they’re allergens, carcinogens or endocrine disruptors. 

I knew that as I had children, I wanted them to use safer products and to have confidence in the things I used on myself around them. 

When I clicked “join,” I had been working for a friend who was a consultant and just asked her some questions and literally said, “Ok, I’ll sign up!” Zero plan, zero clue what I was doing but I was inspired by their mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Maybe, if I could get the products that I love and trust in the hands of my family, they won’t have to endure infertility, cancers, and more. The discount was amazing and the opportunity to make an income and impact was a win/win for me as I was ramping up my other at-home business.

Trying the products

The products arrived, and while I had a lot to learn about how to use them, I immediately knew they were like nothing I’d ever tried from Target. The skincare lines were easy to use and I could tell a difference in the texture of my skin. The makeup was silky and applied like a dream. I went from not caring about my face to having a full blown routine…who am I?!

Is Beautycounter an MLM?

This business is different from other traditional network marketing partnerships or MLMs. We are a direct to consumer brand meaning you can purchase directly from the website without going through a consultant or from one of our stores. So much of this business is how YOU personally decide to run your business. Additionally, Beautycounter operates first and foremost as a B corporation, focusing equally on people, profit and planet.

My favorite part of being a consultant

As a Beautycounter consultant, I have the privilege of being an educator first to help empower women to make informed decisions for themselves and their families. And I get to do this with a team of incredibly compassionate women who all do this for different reasons. Some are working stay at home jobs (like me) and know that there are endless possibilities with impact and income in this job. I love supporting other women in their dreams for their families, whether its’ financial gain or helping their friends switch to safer. And we’re all doing it our own way. There is no 1 way to do this job. You create it the way you want.

Advice from a Beautycounter consultant

Take the job. You won’t regret it. You would be hard pressed to find another opportunity that allows you to build a business on your terms where you get to help others all while simultaneously experiencing financial reward. Our founder Gregg intentionally created and carefully developed a business model that would allow women to build financially rewarding businesses for themselves and their families all while being a part of an incredible community. I am forever thankful I said ‘yes’ to this opportunity without actually knowing what I was getting into.

To learn more about joining Beautycounter, go here.