Let me start this blog off by saying, I am not too good for $20 workout gear from Target or Old Navy. I am not a clothes snob and often love unique finds from Goodwill.

But I realized my habits shopping for cheaper clothes in this department said more about my confidence then about the money I was saving.

Many of my workout clothes in the past 5-10 years have either come from Old Navy or were a tee from the last race I did. Nothing wrong with either of those, but many of these clothes developed holes, sweaty pit stains and would just deteriorate faster than I’d like them to. 

When I partnered with Zyia, a whole new world opened up to me, not only in my closet but in my confidence. I found new pieces that I hadn’t seen in stores before. I felt fabric fit in such a way to not be a nuisance during my workout (hello leggings that constantly roll) but to support me through a workout. 

Quality matters and if I don’t want to spend my time working out and working on myself to be spent fixing my leggings, pulling my shirt down and more. 

But hear me on this…You do not need to spend more $$$ to reap the benefits of quality exercise clothes. Here’s how I shop Zyia and other department stores for quality gear:

  1. Shop the sales – Have an eye on what you need and look for discounts. With Zyia, we have Make Room Mondays every other Monday where we clear out older inventory at 50-70% off! This is a great way to invest in your workout wardrobe for less.
  2. Buy what you need – Zyia has new releases every Wednesday. You DO NOT NEED NEW WORKOUT CLOTHES EVERY WEEK! *Though I’d love a budget that supported that! Buy what you need! Are your Old navy sports bras wearing thin, grab our fan favorite, Bomber Bra!
  3. Pick timeless items – You’re always going to need a great sports bra, some leggings, and a comfortable workout top – regardless of your workout. Choose these items carefully in styles you know you will love for years or seasons. I really take my time when I’m shopping Zyia b/c I know I literally love everything but not everything is timeless nor will I want to wear it forever.

The main takeaway I want you to have is that no matter where you shop and what styles you prefer, you should feel confident and comfortable in your workout gear. It should support you. You shouldn’t have to fuss with it. It should make you feel great as you’re working out. So go ahead and invest in your workout gear…you deserve it!

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PS – If you want some amazing Zyia items for an even better deal, message me about getting your own shopping link to share with others! When you do and others shop your link, you get the savings!