It’s been a few weeks since I posted my top 5.  Here’s what I’m loving this week:

1.  Oatmeal -This is my go-to for races and for cold mornings to get good protein, carbs, and I love that I can add things like chia seeds, flax, almond butter, or almonds to up the nutritional value.  I do quick oats or steel cut.  But once it gets hot, I will switch to “frozen oatmeal” …here’s the recipe and it is delicious – Frozen Oatmeal

2.  Cleaning out my closet – We have 3 closets in our house and I have things in all three of them. 2 of them I would consider “mine”.  While I love clothes and shoes, I find myself looking at things going, “I haven’t worn that in years.  I’m never going too.”  I’ve been pulling stuff out and listing it on eBay to make a few bucks and it’s been paying off!  And I don’t miss that stuff.  Nathan even saw a pair of shoes I’ve had for years and said he’s never seen them and I’ve known him for 8 years.  Wow, clean it out! I’m interested in doing a Time Capsule wardrobe but hesitate to pull the trigger.  Maybe this is a first step.  Here’s a link to what a Time Capsule Wardrobe is – Time Capsule Wardrobe
This is a good explanation too – Explanation on Time Capsule Wardrobe

3.  Highlighters – these guys literally save my life.  I have 5 different colors and I use them to track what’s going on in schedule.  I have a color for family, church, workouts, school, challenge groups and my personal stuff.  Colors make my daily tasks less daunting haha. 

4. Chicken Salads – I’ve never been a fan of tuna or chicken salad, until I figured out how to make it palatable. Chunks of chicken, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, grapes, onions, mashed avocado and maybe an apple if you’re feeling crazy!  Delicious!  If you’re not afraid of bread, put it on ciabatta.

5.  Bootcamps – I’ve been running around crazy writing workouts for my online bootcampers and for a class at my church this summer.  Demo-ing new moves, timing myself and sweating a lot!  I love it and love having my clients see results.  Try this workout this weekend from my up-coming 4 week EXTREME bootcamp